SYDNEY BENNER - Founder, Trainer

Sydney Benner has been a fitness enthusiast since she was just a kid. Her parents put her in dance at age 4 and she twirled, leaped, and danced her way all the way through college. She is a dancer, a yogi, a runner, a hiker, and a teacher. She has been teaching in the fitness industry for over three years now.

She is the official yoga trainer on and was just featured on Bob Harper's new Skinny Rules Yoga DVD. Sydney is also featured on the Yogafit Indo Board DVD series. She currently teaches up to 15 barre classes a week all over the Los Angeles area! Sydney LOVES to teach and help encourage people to live a healthy and happy life! She believes, "We all deserve to feel our best!"

In October of 2013, Benner Fit  launched their first original class. It is a fusion of yoga and cardio dance to the music of a live DJ! A killer workout for men and women, working all the muscles, focusing on that core and taking you on a roller-coaster of highs and lows - reflecting upon those you experience in every day life.

Sydney and Benner Fit was featured in the American Heart Association's YouTube campaign, From the Heart, in early 2014. Sydney has also created an original series of fitness circuits for the Lionsgate BeFit channel on YouTube. Now available!



BROOKE ASHLEY CAMERON - Co-founder, Photographer, Editor

One evening over dinner, Sydney and Brooke were discussing life goals and somewhere down the line Brooke blurted out, "Why don't cha start a blog?!" Sydney listened. They joined forces and here they are!

Brooke Cameron is a photographer, videographer, writer, graphic designer, party planner, and web techie for Benner Fit. All things nerdy or design related is right up Brooke's alley. She promises to never try to instruct you in a fitness routine (as it will surely be a disaster). 

Brooke available at or through her website: 


Why Benner Fit?


We are super excited you are here! But please be sure to check with your doctor or local physician before doing any physical activity. Particularly if you have any previous or current medical issues. Benner Fit makes every effort to ensure these exercises are safe and accommodating for your body, but doing any activity comes with risk. We at Benner Fit cannot be held liable for any claims for injuries or damages resulting from the use of these videos.

We also want to note that we are not and do not claim to be nutritionists or health care professionals. When it comes to food, we are two girls who love to eat and are excited to share it with you.

Now go enjoy the blog!!