30 Before 30 (ends) - It's Like an ESPN special up in here!

  30 Day Challenge

People keep asking me how I feel now that I'm officially into my 30 days of working out and I've been having a hard time describing it.

I think I thought it would be more of a struggle. More of an, "Ermagerd! I don't WANNAA do thissss." - because I know how I am. But so far I'm surprised by the lack of this feeling. It hasn't felt like my life has been overwhelmed by the task of working out. I haven't been bothered or bombarded. Slipping it into my schedule was easier than expected (although it does tend to interfere with my bloggyness - and to that I apologize to our dear followers.)

The biggest hurdle I have been met with was last weekend when I was left to my own devices. And I'll admit - I felt lost not having my workout buddy. The self consciousness crept back in and made me want to return to my hermit ways. I was fearful of doing a class solo. I was hesitant to even go to the gym by myself. I was feeling crippled by my own fears and worries - and I couldn't even pinpoint what was making me feel this way. After my 3 day weekend of trepidation (you can see my sweet schedule of what I ended up doing below) I went back into work and was met by motivation. And this week is slowly starting to crush all of my fears and worries.

This week Alana and I coordinated classes, planned weekend events (check out our Facebook page if you want to join us!) and scheduled our days out to a tee. The power of group motivation is strong, friends. It truly is, and I'm so very happy to have people in my life willing to push me, get me going and make me feel powerful. Proof: I woke up to go to a 7am class this morning. For those of you that know me and my intense passion for sleeping - this is a huge feat.

I think I may have also found a new obsession. If you had confronted me 2 weeks ago and asked me to take a spin class with you the response would have been, "Oh, hell no!" The idea of standing up and sitting down on a bike going nowhere was far from appealing. But in the course of a week I have taken 4 cycling classes and I have to admit - I think I'm into it.

There are many classes that I feel truly push me. Push me sometimes too hard and too much. In a cycling class however, I find that I am pushing myself - and I value that control. It's an easy class to cheat in - but also an easy class to force yourself to go even further than you thought you could, and I've been having a lot of fun pushing myself with each class. Also, it makes me sweat like a maniac and ravenously hungry for the rest of the day - so I know it has to be doing something good for my body.

All in all, I'm digging this 30 day goal. I can feel my legs getting stronger and my stamina rising. 1/3 of the way done. Not too shabby. Bring it on!


Fryman Canyon Hike

{A view from my hike at Fryman Canyon. For more pics, follow us on Instagram: @bennerfit }

How's your workout life going for you? Are you 30 daying it with me? Send in your requests for fun classes to try. This weekend I'm taking a Bollywood Fitness class (say whaaaat?) I'm pretty sure Syd will take some pics of the madness that ensues. (This clumsy factory is going to be an internet meme in no time.)

My 30 Days So Far:

Day 1 - Zumba

Day 2 - Zumba

Day 3 - Spin Class

Day 4 - Treadmill Run/Walk

Day 5 - Fryman Canyon Hike

Day 6 - 2 mile walk

Day 7 - 3 Benner Fit Circuits (17, 16, 15)

Day 8 - Pilates DVD and 20 minutes of abs

Day 9 - Spin Class

Day 10 - Spin Class

Day 11 - Spin Class (yeah - my biking booty needs a spin class break)