30 Day Challenge: 1 week to go!

30 Day Challenge
30 Day Challenge

Yesterday I found a yoga video online to do for Day 21. My body had been feeling a bit creaky, so I figured  what better than to yoga it out - stretch those muscles, get a little zen. 45 minutes into it and warrioring my way through something rather, my body felt like it was turning on me. Or should I say - my stomach. TMI? Maybe.

"Just 15 more minutes of this to go. Push through."

My muscles weren't feeling strained at all, there was no stress on my body from the poses. This was the smallest amount of impact I had experienced during a workout in a while. But apparently I managed to make all the right moves, I twisted and toppled and Downward Dogged myself to release my inner nausea. (I guess warriors get barfy at one point or another.) Those final fifteen minutes were not going to happen. I savasana'ed it up in the bathtub, meditating very hard that this sick would go away.  In the 2 hours where I was fighting off the turning tummy (thank you world for just teasing me and not actually making me ill...) I really got to thinking about all of the other weird, fun or beautiful mishaps that have happened along my 30 day journey.

Here are some highlights:

Benner Fit 30 Day - Sapling
Benner Fit 30 Day - Sapling

I found a little sapling along the side of the road while hiking through the hills of Burbank. This made me feel very warm and fuzzy knowing someone planted this little guy and was taking care of him in this random lonely location.

Taking a break in the sunshine....

photo (5)
photo (5)

And just beyond my tootsies were two homeless gentlemen sipping on a jug of wine shouting at one another and heckling my husband and his buddy (who were playing basketball). They then offered to sell me a frozen pie and were not so long after arrested by five cops. Five cops -2 drunk dudes - 4 cop cars - 1 pie. Exciting times!

This motley crew taking Fryman by storm:

photo (8)
photo (8)

My dear Nima dressed to the nines in his matching Puma track suit and kicks, and Paula knitting up and down the whole path. (She's uber impressive with her knitting skills.) I love these crazy kids.

Beautiful views, feeling stronger and mentally calmer...

photo (4)
photo (4)

I have only 1 week to go! 8 more days - and I feel fine! I don't feel much like stopping after these days are up. It's only inspiring more 30 Day Challenges. (I've been on a 30 Day brainstorm kick... I think I'm overwhelming Alana.)

My 30 Days So Far:

Day 1 - Zumba

Day 2 - Zumba

Day 3 - Spin Class

Day 4 - Treadmill Run/Walk

Day 5 - Fryman Canyon Hike

Day 6 - 2 mile walk

Day 7 - Benner Fit

Day 8 - Pilates DVD and 20 minutes of abs

Day 9 - Spin Class

Day 10 - Spin Class

Day 11 - Spin Class

Day 12 - Hike Fryman Canyon

Day 13 - Benner Fit

Day 14 - Benner Fit

Day 15 - Zumba

Day 16 - Cycling

Day 17 - Zumba

Day 18 - Benner Fit

Day 19 - Body Attack

Day 20 - Hiked the Burbank Hills

Day 21 - Yoga...ish.

Day 22 - Zumba

Day 23 - TBD! :)