Hi there readers. There is something very serious that I need to talk to you all about today. It's an issue I'm suffering from which seems to simultaneously be plagueing our nation. At my workplace there are times where I suffer from a high amount of stress. Because of this stress I, like many of my fellow hardworking friends out there, eat whatever I can get my hands on. And the beginning of November is a cruel, cruel time to endure any stress of this nature. Readers, friends - I am here today to discuss the epidemic of left over Halloween candy running rampant throughout the workplace. Our kind co-workers choose to do themselves a healthy favor by ridding these leftover sweets from their home, only to leave them scattered in buckets throughout the office for stress vultures to prey on. And I have done my fair share of digging my hands into such pails of temptation, only to scamper away back to my cube to inhale the sugar in my own shame.

Ok, seriously though you don't always have to be ashamed of stealing a piece of candy every now and again. (Although maybe my 3 helpings of Butterfinger bites were uncalled for yesterday.) But folks please know that you cannot live a life of guilt. You have to give yourself a pass every now and again, and know that tomorrow is a new day.

But what can always help in these scenarios is bringing yourself a snack that will make you feel a bit less guilty and provide you with a lot more nutrients. And a great cure for that is FPBBB's!! (Say that out loud. Really try it. It's super fun to say.) Let's eat up some FROZEN PEANUT BUTTER BANANA BITES!!


This is probably our simplest snack yet! Inspired by our folks at FitSugar.

INGREDIENTS: Banana Peanut Butter Honey Jelly

HOW TO: Slice up a banana (if you have time, freeze it a bit before hand). Slather on the PB and add in some fun with the honey and jelly (preferably the all natural kind). We recommend the Peanut Butter and Jelly and Peanut Butter and Honey combinations. Freeze over night, and there you have it! Frozen peanut butter banana bites!