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Maternity Fitness Wear for our Mamas-to-Be

It's almost Mother's Day and there are plenty of almost-mother's who deserve a little love too! Many of our pregnant friends are doing their best to stay in shape while they are pregnant and what better motivation is there than cute preggie mama workout clothes?  


Old Navy Maternity TopOld Navy Maternity Top

Maternity Active by Old Navy Double-Layer Tanks




Motherhood Maternity

Side Ruched Maternity Tank Top by Motherhood Maternity


{ erl;.8iu <---- this part of the blog was written by Mac the Cat aka Bert Macklin the Wonder Cat. It inevitably holds some deep insight that we just can't comprehend. }


Preggie Mama Fitness Attire - Motherhood Maternity on Benner FIt

Sleeveless Scoop Neck Maternity Top by Motherhood Maternity



Grey Striped Waistband Maternity Yoga Pants via Pink Blush Maternity


For those colder days: 


Me2Roo Scarlet Waterfall Wrap and Me2Roo Morgan Shrug from Evolve


And because you are pregnant and proud: 

Preggie Mama Fitness Attire - ForTwo Fitness on Benner Fit

Sweating for Two Racerback Tank



Preggie Mama Fitness Attire - Motherhood Maternity on Benner FIt

Bun in the Oven Maternity Raglan Tee by Motherhood Maternity


We hope all of you current mothers and mothers-to-be have an amazing Mother's Day weekend!



Capris! Capris!

Capris! Capris!

Surfer Girl Style


Deep down I've always wanted to be a surfer. Sun kissed hair, bronzed skin, fit bodies. A day spent in the water sounds like a day well spent to me. Minus the sharks... and... other creatures that could bite off my toes. I've always liked the surfer style - the laid back, beach boho, at peace with the world look epitomizes what I would like my persona to exude. (I wore a hemp shell necklace  90% of the time in college, guys. I tried really hard to be a surfer without having to surf.)

I recently discovered that the big surfing fashion brands have expanded their lines of clothing to fitness apparel.  O'Neill, Roxy and Hurley have yoga/outdoor workout lines for the surfer girl who wants to take it back to the shore and hit the yoga mat. These new finds made me all too excited that I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.


O'Neill Velocity Pants

O'Neill 365 Reflection Jacket

O'Neill 365 Inspire Tank

365 Goal Wrap


Spring Is In The Air...

Pops of color are here this Spring!

Must-Have Fitness Equipment

You don't need much... and it certainly won't break the bank...

So here are a few items that will go a long way and give you the most out of your BENNERFIT circuits and more!

If you have been watching our BENNERFIT circuits you now know I am a huge fan of the Thera-Band.  Resistance training is so effective when you're sculpting your body because they help give you that beautiful definition you seek to achieve.  The best part is they're so inexpensive!  You can find them anywhere from Target to your local sporting goods stores.

photo (5)
photo (5)

We mustn't forget about weights.  I am not opposed to heavy weights but I am a bigger fan of low weight and repetitious movement to build strength.  If you are just beginning to workout try anything from 1-3 lbs and if you want to take your workout up a notch, or as I  like to say in the BENNERFIT circuits, "your heavier set of weights" try anything from 5-10 lbs.

photo (3)
photo (3)

Get yourself a yoga mat with some nice padding.  It gives your feet added support when you are doing a circuit barefoot.  There are so many different colors and patterns on mats now so get something that inspires you.

photo (4)
photo (4)

Exercise Balls are an awesome addition to your own personal workout equipment.  I suggest two different size, one small and one large like you see in the pictures below.

photo (6)
photo (6)
photo (7)
photo (7)

And finally make sure you have a sturdy chair you can use for various exercises that would normally use a wall or a ballet barre.

photo (8)
photo (8)

Once again, these items will help enhance your workout.  Now get yourself inspired to do a BENNERFIT circuit and then treat yourself to some equipment! XO!

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth!

Fun and easy ways to style your hair during a workout!

Benner Fit Love: Gym Bags

I've made it through to the half way mark on the 30 day challenge! Today I woke up super sore (which, to me, I dig) thanks to Benner Fitting and Zumba classing over the past few days. Alana and I have been trying to think of a way to treat ourselves after the 30 days is up. A friend wants us to run a 5K, Alana wants to get a massage, and I... am not so sure. Part of me just wants to keep this thing going and forget that I'm even doing this for an end goal. These past 15 days flew by, I only imagine the final to do so as well, and I don't want to lose that motivation. The thought of reward, however, did get me thinking about things that keep me going when I start to have a downward slump in the workout arena. Every time I start to waiver in that "I don't want to work out" mindset - I find that doing a little bit of Pinterest browsing pulls me back in. (You can follow me: @bcam) There are tons of motivational words of encouragement (Sydney has been posting a bunch on Instagram lately - @sydneybenner) and there are a million pictures of hot bods just floating around to make you feel motivated/completely raging with envy.

I myself find that a little bit of shopping, however, does me some good. "Why buy that sports bra today if I'm not going to use it tomorrow?" Bam! I'll go out for a run. "This head band can only be worn while I exercise." POW! You've got me working out.

I have a simple black duffel bag that comes with me every day to the gym. It does what it needs to do, it's understated, keeps me in order, and is good to me. He's a solid reliable bag. But sometimes... sometimes my mind wanders and I stray and ... well...frankly, I've been cheating on my bag. Just mentally, not physically. Yet. I haven't done anything rash or irresponsible. I've just been thinking... a lot... about cute new bags with different colors and adorable designs and unique perspectives. Dreaming of a duffel that might spice up my life, or a satchel with so many compartments I don't know what to do but buy more things to put in there. I thought I'd put together a few that my wandering eye has been admiring.

Comfy Tops!

Let's be real here, most of us like to be totally comfortable when we work out. I love wearing loose fitting tops over my body hugging sports bras. Since so many fitness companies carry tight fitting spandex tops where do you find cute and comfortable loose ones?! I've got some suggestions for you! A couple weeks ago I popped into a new store on Larchmont (cute shopping area in Hollywood) called Alternative Apparel. Y'all let me break it down for ya, this store was SO super cute and the products are SO super comfortable! I found an awesome shirt that I wore in this weeks circuit (circuit 17 , go work that body and check out the top) from Alternative ( which is part of their new yoga wear. It's light, cozy, and adorable with a surprising open back. Or if you want a Flash Dance throw back top Alternative has one!

Now for a non-fitness apparel company that makes the most delightfully cozy shirts that wash well and last forever, Brandy Melville ( They have these signature muscle tee type tops that look absolutely perfect with a colorful sports bra underneath.

You can always cut an old shirt up and create something to your liking as well! Art projects are fun and so is being inspired, feeling good, and feeling comfy while you work out! Happy Tuesday! Spread that BF LOVE!

Onzie (On-Z) Leggings=AWESOME!


Last week I popped into a yoga class before I left for Portland and of course noticed the adorable clothes they were selling in the lobby. I found a pair of zig zag spandex pants that were light, tight, and fit so right! THE ONZIE ( is a company that all started with a leotard. The following day I decided to wear my funky new pants to teach class, and boy were they fab! The pants are flattering on every body type and hug you in all the right places. Oh and I should mention they are reasonably priced compared to some of the other fitness lines out there. I'm not one to wear black pants to class often and The Onzie carries an assortment of different patterns and colors which are so much fun!  

Since its winter time I like to stick with a long pant to keep my legs warm and cozy. Here are just a few patterns that they carry in the long pant.


Spring and summer are around the corner so maybe opt for a cute capri....


I can't wait for the new spring/summer line to launch to see what new patterns are around the corner at!

Check out this little video they put together on their pants! Go Onzie!