A Peaceful Weekend Away Brightened Up These Winter Days


A few days ago I headed down south to visit my family for a relaxing and peaceful weekend. I must say it was so nice taking 24 hours to get away from LA and just enjoy the beautiful weather we are having with my mama and sisters. I have to brag a little because our weather here in California has been between 78 and 80 the past few days. Just being outside and letting the sun beam down on you is such a feeling of happiness and joy especially during the winter. I've found that I just wanted to run around the backyard like a kid again! It feels so liberating!


This is me at age 4 ;)


On Sunday morning I took a magical yoga class that literally set the pace for the rest of my Sunday. I felt such contentment as I went through my day. I grabbed a Jamba Juice after class, read on the porch with my sisters, walked my dog, and took in some gorgeous sunshine (with my SPF on of course). But days like this are rare in the winter and when I think of days like this I think of bright colors-oranges, pinks, yellows, and greens! So I thought to myself on cold chilly days when we might be feeling bland and grey put on peppy colors to allow that sunshine in your life!


I am a sucker for the color pink, I'm sure there is no surprise there but here's an assortment of pretty pinks to perk you up through this winter.

Top photo: onzie Left photo: onzie Middle and right: lululemon


Neons came back last year and boy do they wake you up! Maybe put on a neon pair of pants or a wild print on your early morning workout to put more pep in your step.

Left: onzie
Right: Teeki


Orange is THE color this season and I really didn't give it a fair shot until now. I'm clearly loving it because I currently have on a pair of orange boots (the one's featured in my holiday wish list, thank you sweet boyfriend).

Top Left & Bottom Images: lululemon Top Right: Solow Style