A "Splendid" Afternoon

I am pretty obsessed with my little neighborhood here in beautiful Los Angeles, California. I live in a sweet homey apartment with my dog Jojo and one of my dearest friends, Jess. Up the block I have a lovely hike, Trader Joe's is around the corner, and endless amounts of boutiques and eateries are just a few skips away. LA is such a boxed culture where our cars take us to the majority of the places we need to be, so its nice to use these legs of mine to mill about my cute little hood.

On the occasional Sunday afternoon I often get a few hours to just stroll along the main street. As of lately more shops have been popping up and if you haven't learned this yet, I do enjoy some good shopping! My Sunday window shopping turned into some actual shopping when I stopped into the chicest store for your lifestyle wear, Splendid!

I walked in and saw my sweet friend, Marguax, which was such a nice Sunday surprise. She is an amazing stylist and is so helpful with whatever your clothing needs are.

If you are looking for the perfect pants to workout in and then walk out in - Splendid is for you. Am I tempting you yet? The quality of their material is soft and luxurious. You actually feel like you are wearing your pajamas but you certainly don't look as if you are. The most perfect combination EVER!

This Fall it seems that stripes are back people! I was never much of a horizontal striped fan but because they became quite the trend last fall/winter I seemed to have jumped on board and I have no plans to turn back yet! Splendid nailed the horizontal stripe trend so that they look beautiful on every body type.

Check out these styles and hopefully this will inspire you to get your stripe on this season!