Greetings y'all!

No I'm not from the south but I love it and since today the topic is bandanas, I figure I should be in character.

Bandanas are there for us through our tears, runny noses, wiping schmutz off of our faces, and most importantly bandanas are a fabulous hair accessory; Especially fabulous when you are working out.

Sweat dripping all over your face is the worst...what's the solution you ask? BANDANAS!

I love throwing bandanas in my hair during the spring and summer time, it adds a little pizzazz and they certainly don't break the piggy bank.

Here are a few ideas if you decide to throw a bandana on!

First of all, there are endless colors and patterns to choose from, anything from simple blacks and whites to pops of color.


If you are heading to your work out and haven't tossed your hair up yet this is a great way to wear your bandana before you have to throw hair up. Or if you have super short hair styling your bandana like this is ideal for you.


This particular bandana style is my personal favorite. I love bows so that fact I can knot in the bandana that turns into a bow is perfection.


I adore this style, it looks so retro...


Please never do this...


Just remember if you are looking for an extra pop of color or an extra pop of fun, put a bandana around your head and you can take a simple outfit and give it some personality.