Benner Fit - Week Five Top Fives

As week five comes to a close we wanted to share our top fives this week with you! SYDNEY'S PICKS:

1) I was a bit under the weather this week from all the crazy traveling and working as of late.  At times like these I always want my mama's matzo ball soup or her scrumptious veggie soup made in the crock pot but as an adult I don't always get that luxury (love you mama)!  I found a fantastic substitute in my hunt for a great, feel good, mama made soup!  Trader Joe's homemade minestrone soup.  Talk about yum in my tum!  I didn't have much of an appetite but I ate the whole darn thing.  I'm fact, I devoured it.  They have it in the refrigerated section at most Trader Joe's near all the ready to eat salads and wraps.  For those rainy, snowy, chilly days it's the perfect quick fix that is delicious, full of nutrients, and low in calories!

2) My holiday decorations!  I adore the holidays!  I love sparkly things!  I celebrate Hanukkah and in my house growing up we were never allowed to put up icicle lights, or wreaths, in fact I had even suggested a Hanukkah tree but it was always out of the question.  I get it, I do, but I always knew when I moved out of the house despite not having any connection to the true meaning of Christmas I would decorate!  And let me tell ya, I've done just that for the past nine years!  I can't help myself when it comes to decorating everything from the lights to the scents to the trees, I just love them all!  They make me happy and it makes the home feel so cozy and bright!  Happy Holidays!  I just had to include my pup Jojo is this picture and plus let's face it he's cuter than any holiday decoration I could ever buy!

3) The rain.  Silly?  Eh maybe.  But it is such a nice change to have water falling from the sky here in Los Angeles!  I'm thankful out plants are getting hydrated for goodness sakes. It is such a nice change to have a breeze, to wear some boots, throw on a coat, and an adorable beanie (for us ladies it's great because we can get away with letting our hair go free)!

4) Yoga.  Be it bikram, vinyasa, or hatha, I just feel so incredibly connected to them all.  When I get into the yoga room or even lay out my matte in my living room its as if all is okay with the world.  Quite frankly a little yoga will make us all feel happier, stronger, and put simply, better.  This is an action shot of me in the East Tennessee Smokey Mountains getting my yoga on.

5) My favorite song to work out to this week was, Feel so Close, by Calvin Harris.  It's so catchy and a fabulous song to jog to!  Download it now bennerfitters, I'm jogging to be beat of it in this photo!  ;)



1. Michael Buble' (Mikey Bubbles) Ok yeah, I know - old news. But every holiday season he comes back with a force with his butter melting voice. I love Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Sinatra (or any of those warm soothing voices of the Rat Pack)  but I'm glad our generation has its very own.

2. White and gold everything... can I please live in a world made of white and gold? Starting with these pillows by Caitlin Wilson:

3. In Vegas last weekend we stayed at the Aria. First of all - the Aria. RIDICULOUS! Probably one of my favorite hotels I've ever had the pleasure of staying in. (If the curtains open automatically as I walk in the room - yeah, you've got me, fancypants.)


But even more importantly, Jean Philippe Patisserie inside on the casino floor blew my mind with the most amazing almond croissant I've ever had. So all week I've had almond croissants on my mind. I'm trying to find a healthy version of these guys for us all to enjoy.



4. Sydney and I had an amazing meeting at Literati Cafe on Wilshire here in LA. I ordered my first bowl of butternut squash soup ever...and it was amazing. This place is fabulous. We both devoured the Kale and Quinoa salad. Proof:


5. I got married in February. In doing so, I followed about a million wedding blogs which remain on my RSS Reader. This week Sarah Seven launched their Fall 2013 line of dresses...and woah. Can someone please get married so we can buy one of these?


Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. We will be back Monday with a new workout routine for you!