BF - Top 5 Snacks on the Go

We're all working in a fast paced world. Sydney and I both have jobs outside of blogging and our lives are pretty non-stop. Because of this, we are always snacking. So we wanted to give you our top 5 snacks that we munch on to help us get through our day.


Here's the situation about almonds. First, the are tastyyyy and addictive so be weary of going bonkers with this treat (I say this as though you've never experienced an almond...) But if you pace yourself, about 20-25 almonds (which is approx. an ounce) will give you as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk, 12% of your daily protein and 35% of your daily allowance of vitamin E. Those high amounts of vitamin E have been tied to reducing cancer. Almonds also have a high level of magnesium which helps aid in a healthy heart. In regards to your diet, they are low in saturated fat and contain no cholesterol, and are rich in dietary fiber. These are good for your brain, good for your heart, and good for your skin. Aw, nuts! (Phew, I was worried I might not get that line out of my system...)




At the Antioxident Olympics, the blueberry wins gold. They contain the highest antioxident level out of all fresh fruit. Blueberries are also fibertastic - giving you 14% of your recommended daily dose in just a cup. A cup of blueberries also comes with a quarter of your daily Vitamin C which will help you beef up that immune system. Also - it's time to get personal ladies - if you have issues fighting off pesky UTI's - blueberries can help thwart these off. Blueberries are also low in calories - fewer than 100 for that cup.


GREEK YOGURT & HONEY: Greek yogurt is an amazing dense yogurt that is low in sugar and great for your digestion. Loaded with protein and calcium, this snack will tide you over until your next big meal - and give you a boost of nutrients. Have an upset tummy (aka "Booboo belly")? Greek yogurt carries all of those good for you bacterias that will improve your intestinal healthy and prevent horrible girly issues such as yeast infections. (Yep, I went there. That's the last lady parts reference I'm making in this article, promise.)

Since Greek Yogurt is tough to eat on it's own - add in some honey. Honey contains simple sugars that will sweeten up your treat, but unlike white sugars - it will help your body regulate your blood sugar levels. Honey also assists in making your skin beautiful.




This is my go-to breakfast when I'm running late for work. They come pre-packaged and pre-peeled now so you don't even have to do any of the hard stuff. With their abundance of minerals and vitamins, eggs are amazing for your eyes and nails. Growing out your hair? Add some eggs to your diet and you'll see improvement in its strength and length. One study showed that women who consumed at least 6 eggs per week lowered their risk of breast cancer by 44%.  Yep, that's enough to convince me! Eggs have a fancy sequence of amino acids. This means that the high protein in eggs is easily absorbed by your body. So after you work out, an egg will help heal those freshly used muscles



Crisp, refreshing and crunchy - the perfect snacky fix. But carrots also work wonders. This vegetable is amped up with beta-carotene, which is converted into Vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is what gives you those super stealthy peepers. This same Vitamin A helps protect your precious skin from the sun's harsh rays and  keeps the skin looking young. Munching on carrots also helps your chompers. Carrots clean your teeth and help to fight off cavities.

Ok, so maybe carrots can get a bit boring solo. Hummus will fix that problem. Hummus is high in fiber, low in calories, full of protein from the chickpeas and calcium from the tahini! Hummus contains amino acids that promote good sleep and elevate your mood.

So if you've got a craving for a snack, but need to eat and run - grab one of our five faves and do your body some good.

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