Hey BF's! I am so excited to be sharing my second annual Benner Fit Challenge with all of you. This is to help you on your road to health and goodness. Here's how it works, everyday in the month of May you will get a recipe and a workout. The recipe should take you no longer to prep than about 15 minutes and I would like you to do your workout 3 times in a row. You can do it! In the calendar below all you have to do is click on the link for the recipe and workout and they will pop up. This is FREE for you because I believe everyone should have access to good health. I love the Benner Fit community and lets continue to build it by hashtagging #BFMAYMADNESS & #BENNERFIT to share your progress and cheer one another on. Do your check-ins on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too! Lets be each others biggest motivators as we take on this challenge. I am even more excited because I am doing it with you!

Lets do this BF's!

Love you guys!