Brooke: Friday Top Ten

So things have been a bit bonkers this week and I feel like reality and I have been a bit out of touch. But with that said, here are my top ten things that have made me laugh or cry or smile in the midst of the madness. 1. Joy The Baker podcast. I kind of can't stop listening. And as Syd and I are toying with the idea of starting a podcast (yeah, I just dropped that spoiler alert bomb.) these two are an inspiration to lady podcasters. And they have amazing blogs - but you might already know that ( and I'm pretty sure Tracy and I were probably meant to be best friends. She'll figure it out eventually. And I'm ready to go on a beach bike ride and bake the heck out of something tasty with Joy.

2. Obsessing over what blogging classes to take, and future conventions I want to go to.

3. I don't want to get into politics, but loving voting, and everyone who went out and took part.

4. This cat just wants a hug! Can I please adopt him? I will move out of this "No Pets Allowed" living situation if someone puts him in my line of sight. (PS - Simon's Cat videos are also equally wonderful so...)

5. I have stared at this picture of my parents for days now and can't get enough. It's perfect.

6. My dream working environment at The Everygirl. picture perfect working environment. If I dream it, it will come...

7. My nervous tick/stress relief while I'm at work is to power up my phone and throw open an app to dwell over for two seconds. The best cure for this: Instagram. I didn't think I was going to hop on board the Instagram train, but now I can't control myself. Another pretty picture escape! {You can follow me @bashcam!}

8. High waisted skirts, boots with legwarmers and triangle accessories. Probably not all together. But maybe...

9. DIY gifting. I made someone special a gift this past week. I'm not going to say who or what, but I love DIY presents - giving and receiving. My latest favorite DIYing.

10. The new iMac. Want, love, need...? We are tech freaks in my household. Like there's a lot of technology happening up in here. The new iMac... it's just so darn's been since 2004 since I've had a brand new computer... I'm rationalizing hitting purchase right here with you now. Should I do it??

What have been your favorites of the week? Any weekend plans? Leave a comment or email us at bf {at} bennerfit {dot} com.