Brooke's Friday Faves: 1.18.13

1. If I were to tell you that a stapler was in my list of favorite things this week I might land on your list of most uninteresting people. But, that's just because you haven't seen this lovely line of office supplies from Russell + Hazel. Lucite and gold everything!

2. I was reading The Glitter Guide's Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow and they mentioned @denisebovee's photography. I started following her this week and the images that she takes of her daughters are stunning little pieces of art.


3. Lena Dunham - I think it happened. I think she won me over. I've been a fan of Girls and it's promotion of the everyday kind of lady, and despite my raging jealousy in regards to her young and fast fame - I completely appreciate what she may intentionally or unintentially be doing for us women. And she has no shame which is kind of impressive.

{ image from: The Gloss}

4. These boys for all obvious reasons:


5. Braindex! It's an addicting new interactive iPhone/iPad app that is set up in a fun format I've never really seen before (but will inevitably be blowing up soon). In Braindex you play a round of trivia (through video) against some crazy folks off the streets of Hollywood, or a few choice celebrities (Mike Tyson is my fav). I'm a sucker for trivia -Trivial Pursuit, You Don't Know Jack, Jeopardy... I'm hooked. And this app holds up! And as an added bonus, I have to admit I am a bit proud of this app because my husband helped in its production. (But swear I'm not being partial because of it!! Seriously, it's a good time.)