BS in the Kitchen: Fruit & Quinoa CELEBRATION!

Last week we went into the kitchen, somewhat delirious - unsure of what the heck we were doing. We had a recipe we were working off of,  but we may have not exactly been entirely confident in our efforts - especially since we were changing it up a bit and were both ridiculously sleepy. But don't you worry! It turned out to be DELICIOUS and uniquely flavored. A total success. 

Here is the recipe, {inspired by Amy Casey Cooks (we should have known right there it would be a winner) }


2 cups of veggie stock, or water 1 cup quinoa 1 cup red grapes 1 cup strawberries 1/4 cup pinenuts 2 tablespoons parsley 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon Djion mustard 3 tablespoons olive oil Salt & Pepper (to your liking)


Cook the cup of quinoa in the veggie broth, or water (if using veggie stock we recommend holding back on the salt and pepper in the end). Meanwhile, in a small bowl whisk together the apple cider, vinegar and olive oil. Set aside as your vinegarette. Halve your grapes, quarter the strawberries and toss in with the cooked quinoa. Add parsley and pinenuts. Pour in the vinegarette and toss to coat. Enjoy! (Even better if it's chilled!)