Dance Parties!


Working out doesn't always have to be done in a gym or a studio…

You literally have access to getting that heart rate up no matter where you go…

I've been telling my students about my daily dance parties that take place in my home. You read that correctly. I have full on dance parties with my pup, Jojo, for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. I always have and I always will.

Who doesn't LOVE to dance it out? It literally makes you happy! And we all want to be happy. So put on your favorite tunes and have a little dance fest. Not only is it freeing but there is NO judgment, it's all about freeing yourself, your body, all while burning some calories.

You may look like this-


But you will certainly feel like this!


My dance party includes jumping up on my chest that sits at the base of my bed, twirling around through my bathroom, kicking my legs up my dining room, flailing my arms around, jumping, leaping, groovin' and movin'!

My dear friend, Sara, who just completed her 30 day yoga challenge that we documented on Bennerfit recently posted a Facebook status saying, "Trying to clean with good music on...leads to only one party…oy"

You can literally turn a daunting task into the most exhilarating one. Life is about finding the little things that fill our souls with goodness.

The music is key so put together your favorite upbeat songs and let yourself just be yourself…

-This week my song of choice is Daft Punk-Get Lucky-

Happy Dancing Bennerfitter's!

Keep this in mind today and everyday...