Fitness Apps!

I'll admit to anyone that I'm a nerd. I like the latest gadgets, figuring out how things work and doing endless amounts of internet... research... yeah, let's call it research. That sounds pretty legit. With that said, my one true techie love is my phone. I hate to think that I'm one of those people, but... I'm totally one of those people. I'm on it all. the. time. It's pretty much my best friend. I check it out of nervous habit, have it with me all the time, tell it my darkest secrets.... wait, huh? Anyways I know it doesn't take a tech nerd to be in love with the phone. Admit it, you love it too.

So let's use those phones to our fitness advantage! If you are lucky enough to have a smart phone there are some amazing apps out there to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Here is my list of favorites, along with a few I'm excited to try!


Fitness Apps on Benner Fit

1. Couch to 5K - I'm not a runner. It's just never really been my thing and I'm very impatient with it. I want to zip, zip, zip away right off the bat and that's not how you learn to run. It's pacing yourself, not overdoing it and this app helps you get to those goals you want to achieve in the proper way. My girlfriends from work and I did round 1 of Couch to 5k after work today and it was a great start! (You can even filter your favorite tunes straight through the app.) I've used this app a great deal but haven't pushed all the way through quite yet. Aiming to be like my sister who ran her first 5K after completing this app! Gotta scratch that one off the bucket list ASAP.



FItness Apps on Benner Fit

2. NTC (Nike Training Club) - A few friends of mine are in love with the NTC classes they have at our 24 Hour Fitness. They push a little too hard for me in that class (to a point where I see it dangerous for myself, although I know how wonderful it is for others). I was hesitant the app would be the same. Instead I found this app provides circuits for the beginner through the advanced, building the body type you want in 30 to 45 minute routines timed out and presented all for you on your phone!  Each new move comes along with a how-to image breakdown, and even a video displaying the intensity level you should be putting forth into the movement.  It's a clean, beautiful, easy to use interface to boot - a gorgeous app for a great program.


Fitness Apps on Benner Fit

3. Run Keeper - This internal GPS will let you know how far you've run, the pace you have held, calories burned and more!  It's a family favorite in the Cameron family - my Dad told me about it when he started to track all of his walks!!

4. Zombies, Run! - Ok... this one is just hilariously awesome. I have yet to try it but it gets stellar reviews and the premise gives you a great motivator - ZOMBIE ATTACK! Yes, you plug in those headphones and through a story, you are directed when to run, get "supplies" and steer clear of zombies! This clever ploy to get your butt in gear is one of the greatest fitness ideas I have heard in a long time. The app is 50% off on iTunes right now (at $2.99) so go get it and let us know if you saved the world from a zombie apocalypse!


5. EA's Yogify - Much like the NTC app, this presents to you a gorgeous app full of yoga courses, from beginner to advanced. It's free to download, and there are 5 free classes (from Level 1-3). The only caveat is that you have to pay for further levels - but at only $2 dollars for an additional 5 routines (ranging from 15-60 minutes) - it's still cheaper than going to a yoga studio - and it fits in your pocket. Not many yoga instructors can get in there... maybe a few... the tiny ones...


Hope you have fun downloading some new fitness goodies on iTunes tonight! If none of these do it for you, just hop back over to YouTube and pick up on some Benner Fits!