Food vs. Comfort: Foods to Keep in Stock for a Guaranteed Meal

Here's my scenario last night: I had just put on my PJs after doing a Benner Fit circuit and taking a long hot shower. I'd worked up quite an appetite. I was hungry. Super hungry. But very comfy.

And everyone knows comfy trumps hungry any day.

Comfort causes meals of desperation. When I'm comfy - granola with a side of turkey meatball sounds like a great idea. (P.S. NOT a great idea.)

But when I paid my kitchen cabinets a visit it turned out the magical food restocking elf hadn't replenished my supplies. (I'm going to have a talk with him. He's been seriously slacking.) And I couldn't even conjure up a meal of desperation.

But have I mentioned how comfortable I was in my PJs? I mean, they are ridiculously soft.

So there was not a combination of items in the midst of the kitchen madness that made any sense. Nothing that I could possibly have thrown together as one that would make some sort of semblence of a real meal. I found myself longing to have a backup plan that could actually allow me to be a grown up and have real meals on a nightly my pajamas in front of the TV, just like real grown ups do.

I decided to let food win the battle over comfort last night - but only to guarantee comfort would win the war. I, along with Sydney, came up with a list of handy standards to consistently keep in stock that would guarantee real (and quick) meals even when the kitchen seems void of the good stuff. (OCD Brooke has visions of laminating this list, keeping check marks next to the items in stock and wiping them off when needed, so whenever I go to the store I just grab my list and refill - but that's an aside...)

Here's the list Syd and I came up with after a texting brainstorming session:

For the cabinets: Olive oil Coconut oil Spices: (my favorites: salt, pepper, bail, oregano, red pepper flakes, thyme, cinnamon) Honey Oats Whole wheat pasta Brown rice/ quinoa Soup Black beans/lentils Dried fruit


For the Freezer: Frozen chicken and/or veggie patties Frozen fruits Frozen veggies

For the fridge: Greek yogurt Eggs Milk (Almond, Skim... whatever your calcium fueled fancy is)

With these items, you should be able to conjure up some sort of tasty meal! The list keeps growing...comment us here with your favorite standbys.