Frizzberry Spritz: A Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Delight

New Year's Eve is upon us. It's almost time to ring in 2013. Every December I envision that this is the year I'm going to attend one of those Hollywood mind blowing New Year's Eve celebrations. This is the year I'm at THAT party. You know, that party where Harry professes his love to Sally. Some sort of glamorous occassion where I get  dolled up in a gorgeous dress, mingle with a champagne flute in hand, countdown to midnight, sing Auld Lang Syne in perfect harmony with a crowd of people and plant a kiss on the one I love since they obviously cannot resist me any longer. Standard Brooke New Year's: Get off of a flight from Florida at 10pm. Get home by 11. Immediate pajama time. Watch the ball drop while eating the last cookie before my resolutions kick in. Kiss the one I love as he tells me I taste like said cookie. 12:10 - pass out. Happy New Year!!

But when I think New Year's I think sparkly. Sparkly outfits, sparkly lights, sparkly drinks. This sparkly cocktail is for all of my non-alcoholic friends who want to get in on the fun of having a beautiful drink in hand this New Year's Eve. And for all of my boozy Suzies -  you can add some vodka or use some Prosecco instead of grape juice, but no alcohol is necessary here for a good time.

This one comes from my favorite new non-alcoholic cocktail book - Zero Proof Cocktails.



Add your raspberry syrup and white grape sparkly to a pitcher. If your white grape juice hasn't been chilled - throw in a few ice cubes. (If you need a raspberry syrup recipe, I found one at The Healthy Cooking Coach I would like to try myself.)

Stir it up!

In 6 glasses, add a few raspberries to garnish (and for a snack when you are finished!)

Pour in your concoction...

and BAM! Frizzberry Spritz.

Another recommended place to enjoy one of these... by the pool if you are having a nice and warm holiday. Here's an example:


And to all of our friends enduring that north east cold - we are thinking of you! But I'm pretty sure every romantic New Year's movie is required to be set in the NE - so I think this snowy situation might just make this your year for New Year's love. I mean think of all the cute snow angel making and kissing in knit hat moments you can have. The possibilities are endless.