Greetings from Knoxville, Tennessee!

Greetings from Knoxville Tennessee! Good mornin', afternoon, and evenin' folks! I've been in Knoxville for three days and I'm already picking up a Southern twang, ha!

Before I started spending a lot of time in Tennessee, I always assumed the South was full of butter, fried foods, a lack of fitness studios and so on...

Sorry Southerners, I made a bad assumption! Although the butter and fried foods are here, there is another side to the darling city of Knoxville, TN...

Let me tell you about my fabulous day today. It's only 2:45 PM in Knoxville on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon and I slept in, spent time with my dog Jojo and my boyfriend's parents dogs: Henry (the alien), Tucker (the baby), and Ben (the sweet old man). Starting any day surrounded by loving dogs gets an A + in my book.

My boyfriend likes me to rest on vacation - and so do I - but I must say, I still have to get my workouts in! He gave in and took me to "The Glowing Body" in downtown Knoxville. It's a lovely yoga studio and to only pay 5 dollars (yes I said it, 5 dollars!) for a class is incredible! You definitely don't find that in LA!

It was a very relaxing yoga class, which we all need from time to time, and I love this sweet little studio. All the instructors I've had walk around and correct your alignment and are so encouraging throughout the entire class .

After any class I take, even the relaxing ones, I usually have a hungry tummy, so right away Ian took me down the street to the Three Rivers Co-Op Market. It's a local, independent deli and grocery which I must say I adore! A lot of the food sold there is vegetarian or vegan, and locally and regionally grown. I'm a big fan! Ian and I got a kale salad, a rustic veggie soup with sweet potatoes, quinoa and polenta cakes, and a bottle of kombucha! A big meal full of YUM!

I feel nourished, fueled, and refreshed!

I'm back at the house now, outside playing with the dogs. This day is a little slice of perfection! Moral of the story is that it doesn't matter where you go, you can always find ways to take care of yourself. I encourage you all to take the time to do so when you are on the road, whether for the Holidays or in the New Year.

I'll report back tomorrow evening with great recipes for making a healthy, Southern, Holiday meal!