Hammer Time

Growing up I was such a big fan of MC Hammer. I remember dancing in the middle of my local shopping mall to "Can't Touch This" with my childhood friends. With a beat like that how can you not dance? (But then again I think I've always had my dancin' shoes on.) When I think of MC Hammer, one thing comes to mind - his iconic pants!  


I love anything comfortable - let's face it the minute I get home from teaching the first thing I want to do is put on a cozy pair of sweats. Who's with me? Granted, working in the fitness world I am fortunate to be able to throw on a cute pair of spandex pants and a sportsbra most days, but I don't always want to have tight clothing on. I was always looking around for loose fitting workout pants. I searched high and low for something adorable and I could never find a thing until...



My talented friend Lorena Ortiz and her costume designer boyfriend designed pants that might in my opinion outdo the Hammer pants and I am obsessed! And so is everyone else who has a pair (or two, or three) of these DYSTOPIA DESIGN FABRIKARTIS DANCE PANTS!



They come in all different prints, colors, sizes, and materials, and they could not be more comfortable. They look dynamic on every body type too.



Not only are they fantastic for working out in but they are great for traveling and getting dolled up in, as well. My friend Marielle wore a pair out to her birthday dinner - how cute is she?!



Literally, you could throw these pants on for any occasion. To have an item of clothing that is this versatile is not very common, so order yourself a pair! Do you think Aziz Ansari would treat himself to a pair of Hammer pants? I think Y-E-S!


You can pick up a pair of these at the fitness stores and studios below:

CARDIO BARRE HOLLYWOOD, 6464 Sunset Boulevard #150, Hollywood, CA 90028, 323-462-6464


CARDIO BARRE BEVERLY HILLS, 469 South Robertson Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90211, (424) 777-0032


CARDIO BARRE EAGLE ROCK, 1581 Colorado Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90041, (323) 256-5555


DANCERS BARRE, 12504 Riverside Drive, Studio City, CA 91607, (818) 761-6300


Or special order yourself a pair!
Contact David at dystopiadesigns {at} gmail {dot} com for made to measure pants
And be sure to check out their website at: www.dystopiadesigns.com