Healthy Snacks For a Road Trip!


Summer is basically here and that means VACATION time! There are so many ways to travel, but one of my favorite ways is to take a road trip. With a road trip comes a great bag of SNACKS!

So the question becomes-WHAT SNACKS DO I PACK? The easy way to go would be chips, licorice, unhealthy chex mixes, candy, etc…

I've got a road trip on my mind since I am literally en route to Las Vegas as I send this post out and I've got my dear friend, Kelly's car packed with all sorts of delicious goodies. :)

I've got some great HEALTHY solutions for you that will quench your sweet, salty, and junk food tooth all together and will leave you feeling good rather than icky...

For you TREAT addicts…

Make your own mix-try dark chocolate chips or carob chips, raw almonds, dried coconut chips, cashews, and dried cranberries-Sweet, crunchy, and savory!


Dried Mango's-Trader Joe's has my favorite!


Or are you the person who likes SALTY over sweet?! (This would be me)

Pop Chips-Gluten Free!


Veggie Sticks-preferably from Trader Joe's


Lightly Salted Almonds and/or Cashews


Also don't forget to pack some fruit-apples and oranges are best because they travel well.


Pack a cooler in your car so you have cold water with you at all times. Hydrate!

What are your favorite road trip snacks?!