Kale! It's SO hot right now!


Almost six years ago I was introduced to "kale." I was sitting down on break from a dance rehearsal and my friend, Camille took out a container full of greens. They were no ordinary leafy greens, they had ruffled edges and sparked my interest so clearly I had to ask her, "what kind of salad is that?" I tried her delicious kale, cranberry, and pine nut salad and there began my LOVE for kale.



I am a salad fanatic and since I eat them often I like to get creative and throw in an assortment of flavors that blend together nicely. Last night my friend, Tia, invited me over for a homemade Italian dinner and I offered to bring the salad. So naturally I opted for the greens to be kale. Then I went on pinterest (side note: I want to live in pinterest) to get some salad inspiration. I was liking some things here or there but to be honest I created my own little concoction that tasted crisp and flavorful on a chilly winters evening.


Now keep in mind I did the proportions to my own personal liking but feel free to be creative when it comes to yours!

2 cups of Kale

Pomegranate Seeds (put this to your liking)

Grapes cut in half (put this to your liking)

1 Persian Cucumber

1/4 to a 1/2 a cup of Parmesan Cheese

1/2 or whole sliced Avocado

1 handful of Honey Almonds from Trader's Joe's (if you don't have a Trader Joe's near you, Candied Walnuts are a great alternative).

Raspberry Vinaigrette to top it off!

So we ate our light and fruity salad and then this happened...

My lovely friend Tia placed this gorgeous plate of ravioli on the table. How could I resist? Ravioli is not the healthiest of dishes but in moderation and on special occasions as we always say on Bennerfit, "Treat Yo Self!"