Last Minute Easter

This weekend is wha...? Easter? Seriously?? Now that I'm older I don't tend to celebrate Easter all that often. Maybe I'll sneak a Cadbury Egg just because it's a once in a year opportunity... I mean, come on. (I just found out people hate Cadbury Eggs... again, what??) But besides that, I have never really had full-blown adult Easter Sunday plans. I mean, it sounds fun - I'd be down to don an Easter bonnet and get an overly frilly dress and go out to brunch.

In my head Easter would look a whole lot like this:

{Photo via Scout}

But in reality would probably be something like this:

{photo via FitSugar}

When I was a kid we had quite a few memorable Easter moments in my household. One of my favorites followed a very exciting trek to Disney World with my aunt and cousin. We came home late Saturday  from our Orlando tour and Sunday, in all of it's Easterness, snuck up on us. Although we were old enough to contemplate waking up on Easter morning without having any treats and despite the fact they had just taken us to Disney World - my mother and aunt didn't want to let the Easter mystique go. In a midnight scramble they threw together Easter baskets for us kids.

Mind you, we really had just come back from this trip, so the cabinets were a bit ... bare. But when we stomped down the stairs in our PJ's Easter morning, we were greeted by the laughter of my mother and her sister, and Easter baskets filled with delights. Stale bags of pretzel sticks, aged baby carrots, chocolate Santas, pennies, rounds of tin foiled cheese (which we were told we might not want to eat). It was a glorious cornucopia of leftovers and not wanteds - a mishmosh of random items from the crisper and deep pantry remains. And to this day - this is the best Easter basket I have ever received. It was filled with good intention, thoughtfulness, and a whole lot of humor. What more could you ask for in a basket?

I think of this Easter often, and about how fast holidays sneak up on me now a days. I can't imagine having kids through these quickly moving months. I am very much in awe of how well thought out and planned every holiday was growing up - and how organized my parents must have been.

So for those of you who are like me and see the clock winding down to Easter and remain planless - I wanted to share with you some last minute ideas. A crafty food brainstorm filled with things you probably already have on hand, but morphing them into something simply adorable to add to the brunch table, or even the kiddos Easter baskets.


Baked Potato Egg Nests via Living Tastefully:


Strawberry Carrots {via A Whisk and Two Wands}:


Hummus Carrot Garden {via Pottery Barn Kids}:



Yogurt Berry Popsicle Eggs {via Play Eat Grow}:


Organic Cracker Carrots {via Apartment Therapy


Hope you have a super happy, healthy, fun and crafty Easter!