Monday Move 10.29.12

Outer Thigh Weight Lift

Get ready to feel a burn in that outer thigh!

You will need one 1 to 5 lb weight, if you do not own weights grab a water bottle.

Lay down on the left side of your body in a straight line.  The top of your head to the bottom of your toes should be in alignment.  Place your left Bicep on the ground and bend at the elbow where the palm of your hand left hand will support your head.  Gently bend your left knee to relax it and straighten your right leg out to a 45 degree angle with a hard flexed parallel foot.  Grab your weight with your right hand and place it on your right outer thigh.  Lift and lower your leg around hip level for 45 seconds, break for 15 seconds, do another set and then switch sides!  Love the burn?  I do!  Try an extra set if your feeling fancy!