Mother's Day Gift Ideas!


Mother's Day is quickly approaching…It's THIS Sunday! Here on Bennerfit we have found some fun, festive, and fitness related gift ideas to gift your mama's. Take a peak and hopefully this will inspire you all to stay strong and healthy. We have one body to live in so make it the happiest body.

Happy Mama's Day Mama's!

Buy your mom the gift of FITNESS CLASSES...

If you live close to one another go together to inspire each other to stay healthy. We always feel good after a fantastic class so this is totally worth it. If you live in the Los Angeles area I would love to teach you and your mama. Check out the Cardio Barre Woodland Hills and Cardio Barre Hollywood schedules.


Sometimes time permits us all from taking a class and our home is the only place we have to workout. An assortment of fitness DVD's is a gift that keeps on giving!


Pay for your mom to join for new workouts, various recipes, and daily inspiration. And of course posts are free everyday!



Fill it with fruits, veggies, dark chocolate, a yoga mat, a pair of weights, maybe a gift card to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, all natural lotions and face cleansers…There are so many fun and fitness-y options out there!

Get creative!


The best gift any day of the week is the gift of HEALTH. Each year that passes we get older and with every year we have why not make it healthy one!

Happy Pre-Mother's Day!


Your Bennerfit Gals (Syd and Brooke)