Our New Year Resolutions


Sydney's Resolutions:


1) For this first one I must say I don't recall ever writing a list of resolutions so this first resolution is to actually just writing a list of resolutions! I would like to have the willpower and determination to stick to them. I can check half of the first one off my list already!

Potato chips

2) To eliminate potato chips from my diet. Bennerfitters, if you are new to the website you may not know about the potato obsession I have, but this is a HUGE one for me. Potato's are discussed a lot on Bennerfit because they are delicious and to be honest folks they have tons of nutritional value. But there is a better way to eat a lot of potato's than mostly through an unhealthy, greasy chip! Hasta la vista potato chips!

3) I would love to get my yoga certification. I have been talking about it for a few years now and I just need to do it. I have been practicing Vinyasa, Bikram, and Hatha Yoga techniques since 2004 and I fall more in love with it everyday. To be able to teach it would be such a gift.

4) To reach out to more people everyday with Bennerfit and make it my full time job. The more people we can connect to and inspire, the more we know we are doing our job. To be able to take all of our ideas and put them out into the world would literally be a dream come true! It is going to take a lot of hard work on our part but I believe we can make it happen.

5) To make more phone calls than text messages. I must admit I am not a phone person and I know that's okay. It doesn't make a person good or bad but I would like to call my family and friends more than I text them. Text messages are great because I am a busy bee and I don't always have an opportunity to talk on the phone. When I drive I often make my phone calls but sometimes I literally love the peace and quiet of just being in my car in silence. It may sound crazy but my career is so physical, social, musical, and it's exhausting so when I have a moment of silence it is a BIG deal. With that said, to my friends and family, I will make a greater effort to call you rather than text you.


Brooke's Resolutions:

1) Grow and learn and grow and learn and... I want to continue to stuff as much as I can into my noggin this year about cooking, food, health, blogging and how these crazy interwebs work so that we can continue to grow.

2) Cook more. LOTS more! To improve my diet, cooking skills and my belly's happiness. And take a ton of pictures in the process.

3) We have been toying with the idea of having retreats and/or Benner Fit classes and I would like to achieve throwing one or both of these ideas in 2013. PS - I'm mostly excited for making gift bags. So get ready.

4) See and talk to my family more. This holiday break has been wonderful being with my parents, sister, grandmother and cousins - I would love to find a way to make this more of a regular event. As time moves faster and faster as I get older I want to ensure more moments like these are enjoyed.

5) Stepping out of my comfort zone with the people I associate with. Meaning - taking meetings with people I don't really know, reaching out to people who have no idea who I am, going out to lunch with old faces, and making plans for coffee with new ones.