Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade


Summer is in the air, along with the scent of Sydney's birthday and Father's Day. It's a busy weekend so we better start cheers-ing, folks. And I have found the tastiest treat to toast with thanks to Eating Well! Raise those glasses and get prepared for goodness.

Let's go!



3 Cucumbers 1 tablespoon of  Rosemary 1 cup of sparkling water (tonic or club soda will also do, however make it 3/4 of a cup with 1/4 non-fizzy water) 1 cup of  lemon juice 3 tablespoons of agave OPTIONAL: 3/4 cup gin or vodka


Set aside half of a fresh cucumber for garnish.

Peel and chop the remaining cucumber and throw it to a food processor or blender. Add your rosemary and puree away.

Pour the puree through a strainer over a large bowl. Press down on the puree with a spoon and extract all of that vibrant green juice from the mix.

Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade - Benner Fit

Add  sparkling water, agave, and lemon juice to the cucumber rosemary blend. For some extra fun - add in that gin or vodka! Pour over 4 glasses filled with ice and make it fancy with your cucumber and rosemary sprig garnish.

Take your drink out doors, soak up some sun and sip away!


Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade - Benner Fit

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone!

Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade - Benner Fit