Sara's 30 Day Yoga Challenge Completed!


My dear friend, Sara, completed her 30 Day Yoga Challenge in NYC! I am so darn proud of her I could squeeze her, which I will most likely do when she gets off of work today! Since New Yorkers are good at telling it like it goes...

To start, I am here in New York City spending my last night with my dear childhood friends, Sara and Erin, we are going to see a show, and have a lovely meal at Buddakan (brought to my attention by "Sex and the City" of course). Yes I'm one of "those" girls. But I must admit the writing is good and the fashion...well...GENIUS...

Last night while recovering from a wonderful Sunday night out in the East Village with my girls, Sara and I were talking about her challenge. She was honest with me and said, "I may not have gone to yoga all 30 days but this challenge did something more because I feel motivated to continue my practice even after this is all said and done." I got the chills when she told me this because ultimately that is the goal. If you miss one day, big woop! It's not going to change a thing but to have gone 5 to 6 days a week, feel better, and feel determined to continue the practice of yoga is an amazing gift to yourself.

30 Days ago on Bennerfit I introduced all of you to Sara. She is an amazing shoe designer here in NYC and she battles some health issues that have hindered her from staying active since moving here.

Sara got inspired by Bennerfit to do a 30 Day Challenge and we could not be happier for her.

We are all cheering for you Sara!

Get ready for more tales of NYC tomorrow!