Sara's (Swar's) 30 Day Challenge!


Well folks, the wonderful Brooke, inspired one of my dearest friends, Sara (I call her "Swar" because everyone has a nickname with a back story in my book) to do a 30 YOGA Challenge.


A little back story...

Sara and I met at temple back when we were 9 years old. Not to age ourselves but we have now known each other for 18 years. It's wild to think about how quickly time goes by. We were both dancers but happened to go to rival studios. A year after that, we ended up changing studios and going to the same one. Shout out to Imperial Dance Studio and the AMAZING, Todd Van Dorn (our incredible teacher). We tapped to "Cotton Eyed Joe," jazzed to "Jungle Fever," and have become the truest friends anyone could ask for.

My dear Sara is a shoe designer. She started drawing shoes at about age ten and hasn't stopped creating since. Her destiny was clear at a young age and now she designs shoes everyday out in NYC. Pretty amazing right?! I could not be prouder of my Sara. She has worked incredibly hard to get to the place she's at in her career. Her life is full of many blessings but she is consumed with work which makes it difficult to take care of her bodies needs..

She designed these shoes...



Thus, begins her 30 Day Yoga Challenge…


Now there is literally a yoga studio directly across from her apartment so its literally staring at her in the face if she doesn't go. I'll be checking in on her daily to make sure she is vinyasa flowing, yin yoga-ing, or meditating her way through the next 30 days!

The last week of her challenge I will be out in NYC and heading to yoga with her to root her on!


Throughout this journey we will be checking in and posting right up here on BENNERFIT!

Cheers to your new journey of health my dear friend! GO SARA!

Post your comments to keep her spirits high and her willpower strong.

Who's doing a challenge next?!?!