Simple Snacking

Fruit On the Go

The 30 day challenges keep coming at my workplace. This 30 days is all about eating better and cleansing the palette of all the unhealthiness we have become accustomed to. It's mostly focused on no desserts, potato chips or fried anythings but what I have really discovered is - that it is all about substitutions. I didn't want to go into the challenge by saying, "This dessert is sugar free so I will eat it." and end up consuming ten pounds of artificial sweeteners on the daily. For me and my goals - this isn't the plan. That's not to say that this can't be a part of yours but, personally, I'm attempting to remove as many unnatural products from my life as much as possible ( and I also highly recommend agave and honey).

I have found a few new simple and amazing replacements that will now forever be a part of my snacking laundry list.


Almond butter:

Almond Butter and Banana Ok we have even talked about almond butter here on the site and sometimes I would think, "Eh. It's ok. " but now I know its wonders. The grainy texture and light flavor has drawn me in and now I can't stop, won't stop. My new favorite breakfast/afternoon snack - dipping a banana into almond butter mixed with a squeeze of honey.





We all know how Sydney and I are potato chip addicts. And we love our sweets. I knew fruit was a simple enough replacement for desserts but I wasn't sure how to get my crunchy, carb-like snack without actually eating carby or potatoey treats. I grabbed Somersaults up at a local Fresh and Easy on a whim and holymoly. These sunflower seeded treats are packed with a sweet cinnamonflavor and a hard and crispy crunch. (They also come in sea salt and salt & pepper which are equally delicious.) My coworkers are now hooked on these bite sized goodies too. I will surely be helping to keep this business in company for many years to come.


Blended Fruit packs:

Fruit On the Go


So maybe I'm about to admit to liking baby food. Or you could call it lazy man's apple sauce. But I love the latest fruit pack rage that's happening with these one and done blended fruit packs. They are 3.2 ounces of awesome smoothie whole fruitedness - and packed with all sorts of vitamins and nutrients to help sustain you through the day. They come in all sorts of flavors too (and are spill proof friendly... you know... for the kids.)