Spiritual Gangster Goods

First thing I do when I get home from a day of teaching, meetings, and fitness madness is throw on a comfortable pear of pants and a loose fitting cozy tee, I mean who doesn't do that? My girlfriends and I often discuss how glorious it is to put on our "comfies" right when we get home. Oh so sexy, right?

Spiritual Gangster not only makes the coziest gear but the cutest. I admit I have always been a sucker for a beautiful quote. I use them as mantras in my daily life. Beautiful words seem to be everywhere these days. I love the feel of a homey inspiring space, everywhere you turn in my apartment are words and/or quotes as lovely life reminders.

So why not have some inspirational words on your cozy gear? That amps up the crazy coolness of your "comfies" by a landslide!

So lets get gangster Benner Fitter's!

When I saw this sweatshirt it spoke to me. I am a little lady full of energizer bunny energy. I began my yoga life practice almost ten years ago now and shavasana (meaning corpse pose which takes place at the end of every class) was something I initially wanted to run from. I thought, why should I take 5 minutes of stillness to chill out when I can just get on with my busy day? And about three to four years into my practice I finally understood the meaning of shavasana. To me its a mini meditation, a clearing of mind, a healing of body, and a refuel of self. So here I stand almost ten years later in my yoga practice and I truly feel that, "I AM just here for my shavasana!"

I feel oh so gangster in my Namaste beanie. I look like quite the trendy slash cliche LA yogi with my Whole Foods juice, Ray Bans, all while flashing the peace sign!

"May all beings be happy and free." This is my dream for all of us. These words some up the reason why I do what I do because I get to experience my students life transformation to happiness and freedom.

Calling all men! They have goods for you too! If you are in every other part of the country aside from Hawaii and California this thermal is perfect to wear under your much needed coats.

If you are a Socal resident check out this tee-Bam!

Sweatpants! I am ever so GRATEFUL for sweatpants!

Now who wants some Benner Fit gear?!?!