Spring Is In The Air...

Happy Spring Bennerfitters! I love this time of year, it's happy, bright, and colorful! Which means fitness clothing companies are now launching their spring lines and boy am I thrilled with all of the color in the clothes. I picked just a few of my favorite items of the week, that are sure to wake you up and make you smile.

Reebok just launched their new Dance clothing line and it caught my attention when I was in their store for a fitness shoot I am excited to tell you all about soon. Reebok also has a special website for fitness instructors that connects us all together! Super cool! You can check out my favorite Reebok items as well as do a little shopping from my very own Reebok link. Here is my link http://www.reebok.com/bennerfit. Happy shopping!

Check out this adorable Reebok hoodie! It is perfect for this time a year because it's starting to warm up around Los Angeles and who doesn't love a good hoodie with some dynamic color?!

I am always looking for new innovative tops that aren't the same cuts that you see everywhere. I am super impressed with this new Reebok sportsbra in the Dance section. It looks like ribbon is wrapped around your torso.

We're bringing "sexy back" this spring with this beautiful open back top you can find at theonzie.com.

So whether you are in the midst of some soon to be April showers or you are laying out in the sunshine, put on some happy colors. Color plays a big roll into your day so wear it proudly!