Strawberry - Banana - Almond Butter Roll Up

Almond butter, meet fruit. Fruit, meet almond butter. Now get together already and get in my tummy! Look, we've done it before here on Benner Fit combining our favorite fruit with a tasty nutty spread - but this week I'm overdosing on our latest combo. It's my daily "treat"  and I'm starting to much prefer  this over a cookie (Ok, at least my belly prefers it. Let's get real, my mouth loves a good hunkin' piece of chocolate chip cookie. But then my belly retaliates and goes to war with my mouth in a fun battle of "how could you do this to me?!") While the combinations of fruit and ingredients are endless in these roll ups - this one is my  absolute favorite!







1 whole wheat tortilla 1 tbs. of almond butter 2 strawberries (quartered) 1/2 banana (sliced) honey or agave (optional)


IMG_8697 copy



Slice that fruit, spread that almond butter on the tortilla, cover it strawberry banana goodness, and drizzle a hint of honey. Roll it on up! Snack away!


IMG_8716 copy


What's your favorite combination of almond buttery roll up fun? Write us at with all of your fabulous ideas!