Summer Outdoor Activities!

As I sit down to write today's blog post I am slightly stuck…Its true….I love to share stories but who doesn't have a loss for words sometimes?

So I am deciding to do a stream of consciousness post…I'm not sure where it's going to take me but lets see how it goes!

Currently I am sitting at my desk with my pup Jojo at my feet and as I sit here I'm just realizing how gosh darn happy I am right now…I cherish moments like this...

I'm looking outside at the beautiful southern California sky and all I can think about is being outside…

Healthy Outdoor Activities for Summer 2013!

Bam! I've got my post :)

Who doesn't love being outside breathing in fresh sun shiny air? Here is a list of fun and healthy activities that are sure to put a smile on your faces :

Hiking-If you are Los Angles based we've got options people! Runyan Canyon, Fryman Canyon, and Griffith Park just to name a few.

Cycling (Be careful out on the streets of LA, people don't pay close attention in their vehicles these days).

Swimming-In fact, if you are feeling extra ambitious during the summer you can take synchronized swimming lessons-

Stadium Steps-Find a local field with bleachers and walk or run the steps-The Santa Monica Steps are a local LA favorite.

Frisbee-Look online for local leagues you can join in your city :)

Beach Volleyball-You need a beach but if you don't have access to one just play on the grass.

Jogging-at the beach, at a local park, on a track, or in your neighborhood-Its free and fabulous for your health!

Playing outside on a playground-It may sound silly but swings are good for the core, monkey bars are great for the upper body, and climbing up and down equipment is great for your heart. Maybe take your significant other on a playground date! It would be an absolute blast just being kids again.

Jump roping-Y'all it's not as easy as it was when we were kids! It is a great cardio workout. Start by doing it for 1 minute without taking a break and build from there.

Bootcamp! Bootcamps are all over every city, you are bound to find a great one near you!

Get some vitamin D in while you work that fabulous body of yours!

I hope y'all had a beautiful Tuesday <3