Sweat Protection = HEADBANDS!

Think about when you are in the midst of a tough workout and sweat is dripping down your face... Now think about how great it would be avoid that...

Sweating is great BUT it's not so great when it drips into your eyes so...throw a headband on that noggin y'all! Without an accessory in my hair I almost feel naked. Now I know that may sound cray cray and it probably is but it's true folks. I'll often over accessorize than under.

If you're stopping into our blog for the first time you'll quickly learn that I love accessories, bold colors, patterns, bows, flowers, and sparkles! To put it simply I like to dress like a girly girl even when I workout (which doesn't mean I'm a girly girl when it comes to my classes and my workouts). I've found some headbands that include all of the above.

Let's take a peak...

Orange is quite the color this season and this headband from Lucy.com can add a lot of pop to your workout outfit.


Or if you like to sparkle check out this adorable royal blue headband. Bling-iton.com has tons of colors and sizes too! You deserve to shine in the workout room.


For the joggers and the hikers out there, look at this adorable yet practical headband that stores your iPod It's a stylish way to wear your music, wouldn't ya say? Check out ithreesixty.com


My dear friend brought me back a leopard bow headband from London and I wore it to teach yesterday. I absolutely love it! You kind find similar styles at Forever21.com.


There are so many headbands with all different colors, styles, fabrics, patterns, textures and the list goes on and on so you've got options Bennerfitters!

When I workout I SWEAT so I need that headband protection! In fact I may take a headband shopping break right now....