Sydney: Friday Top Ten

My ten most favorite things as of late: 1) Currently  I am obsessed with Aziz Ansari, that may even be an understatement.  Brooke and I just did a post on tangerines dipped in Cacao titled "Treat Yo Self!"   Well, after looking through YouTube clips of that Parks and Recreation episode we stumbled upon some outtakes and there is an incredible boot dance that Aziz does during the first thirty seconds of this video it literally makes me belly laugh. I hope it does the same for you too.

2) Yankee candles mmm delish!  I could literally eat the air!

3) A feel good easy breezy song that will surely make you smile is the new Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill song, "Don't Rush." My boyfriend, puppy, and I are listening to it now as I write this!

4) My new accent pillow on my bed that says, "always kiss me goodnight always kiss me goodmorning."  As it should be...

5) My pup Jojo!  He is my hairy angel who sometimes leaves a yellow halo on the carpet, I am so in love with my little guy!  The crazy thing is that I actually used to be afraid of dogs and now I have a pup!   My life is so much fuller because of him...

6) It's finally cooling down in Los Angeles and I am thrilled!  It's about time!  On our first official rainy day of the fall season I decided to make a crock pot dish and boy was it de-lish!  Everyone deserves a crock pot!  Go get yourself one!  Just set it and forget it... Suggestion:

7) I'm probably Jamba Juice's favorite customer.  I've been going to Jamba pretty much everyday for the past way too many years to get their match green tea blast made thick with immunity!  I'm not a coffee drinker so that green tea really perks me up for the day!

8) My Pilates class at Pilates Plus Los Angeles.  I adore my instructor and I love how this particular Pilates class moves at a faster pace.

9) My grandpa otherwise known as my Gstar.  He is just the absolute best grandpa a girl could ask for and I taught him how to rap.

10) Bond... James Bond.