Sydney's Friday Faves!

This week I went for some favorites that are a bit more sentimental to me. It is still only a few weeks into the new year and I find I'm still in reflection mode from this past year. I had a wonderful 2012 and like any year there are ups and downs, but I've always felt we have a choice as to how we handle each of them. 1) First I will begin with something a bit more emotional. My Gstar's (grandpa) cowboy hat. This hat symbolizes him so beautifully. My Gstar passed away in mid December and he has always been one of the dearest people in my life. My Gstar loved old western movies, cowboy boots, and turquoise jewelry. He was just the sweetest man you would ever meet and having a piece of him in my room is a wonderful reminder of what a wonderful grandpa he was.


2) I've really grown to adore the amazing, Dolly Parton! She is such a talent! Dolly Parton is more than an artist she is such a giving woman and we can all learn a little from her. This book was a holiday gift and I will cherish it!



3) I try and head down south to visit my family every couple of weeks. Often times my sweet mama will have a little gift for me or a little knick knack for my dog Jojo, but my favorite gifts are the sentimental ones. My mama has saved both of mine and my sisters schoolwork over the years. I love when she pulls out sweet memories. Awhile back she gave me this poem that my youngest sister, Pamela wrote about me. This sweet poem warms my heart to this day and I am reminded of how much I love my younger sisters.



4) I write about my dog Jojo a lot because I am pretty much obsessed with him. He is perfect even when he's not (HA). He really is my little baby and I just love him so much. I have some Charlie Brown books displayed in my room because that's another little thing I adore. I received this book as a gift called Happiness Is A Warm Puppy and that title could not be truer. Jojo is happiness and he brings so much to my life!



5) Last week I was teaching class in Hollywood and when I walked out the studio owner congratulated me because I had been ranked as one of the top barre instructors in Los Angeles. I was so overwhelmed and full of gratitude. There are so many amazing barre instructors in Los Angeles. My sweet boyfriend was out of town for work when I found out the news but when he got back he brought me a little gift from the store, Life Is Good. And it was the perfect cherry on top of such a rewarding week. Because let's face it, life IS good, even when we have or hit a rough patch we know that the feeling you have when you have the best day is such a wonderful reminder of the good in our lives.