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Thankfully Fit: Workouts for Week Four (the final week!)

We made it to our final week of Thankfully Fit!! And it's also the week of Thanksgiving! We know you've been giving thanks all month long, and we've been loving it. We hope you have too, and we hope you are feeling healthy and strong along with it. Here is the final round of Thankfully Fit circuits! And we are so thankful for YOU!











A Benner Fit Success Story!

A Benner Fit Success Story!

Sara's 30 Day Yoga Challenge Completed!

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

Sara's (Swar's) 30 Day Challenge!

Sara's (Swar's) 30 Day Challenge!

My dear friend Sara is taking on a 30 Day Yoga Challenge inspired by BENNERFIT!

30/30 and my farewell to 30...

30 Day Challenge
30 Day Challenge

Well - it's here.  Day 30 of 30. I present to you... The Finale!

I was welcomed at work... 


Where I received a medal (which I share with my partner in fitness crime, Alana) ...

image (1)
image (1)

I did some important work...


And so did my co-workers... 

image (2)
image (2)

I got to chat with my sister, who I've been missing dearly.  And received some amazingly wonderful gifts! (Yup... that's a donut pan. Just you wait...)

photo (1)
photo (1)

I went to an delicious dinner with the hubs...

Cowboys & Turbans

And completed my grand finale workout... 

photo (3)
photo (3)

And now I write to you... 

photo (2)
photo (2)

Here's the final list of my 30 Day Challenge:

Day 1 - Zumba

Day 2 - Zumba

Day 3 - Spin Class

Day 4 - Treadmill Run/Walk

Day 5 - Fryman Canyon Hike

Day 6 - 2 mile walk

Day 7 - Benner Fit

Day 8 - Pilates DVD and 20 minutes of abs

Day 9 - Spin Class

Day 10 - Spin Class

Day 11 - Spin Class

Day 12 - Hike Fryman Canyon

Day 13 - Benner Fit

Day 14 - Benner Fit

Day 15 - Zumba

Day 16 - Cycling

Day 17 - Zumba

Day 18 - Benner Fit

Day 19 - Body Attack

Day 20 - Hiked the Burbank Hills

Day 21 - Yoga...ish.

Day 22 - Zumba

Day 23 - Cycle

Day 24 - Body Attack

Day 25 - Benner Fit

Day 26 - Benner Fit

Day 27 - Zumba

Day 28 - Basketball

Day 29 - Benner Fit

Day 30 - Benner Fit

And there you have it! I'm officially "in my 30's." Yikes.

Thanks for all of the Benner Fit support! Next challenge... 30 days no sugar.


Let me just finish this cupcake...

The Last 30 Days of My 30th year

30 Day Challenge

There are a lot of go getters out there that create and complete their 30 before 30 lists, aka - the bucket list for your youth, where you cram as much fun stuff into the final days of your 20's so you can say you really rocked it. I made one when 29 rolled around. It was... ambitious to say the least. My 30 before 30 list went by the wayside. Every now and then I'd catch a glimpse and think, "I've gotta get on that." Days in my 20's dwindled quickly, and I only accomplished  one or two of those things before I hit 30 (although, I think planning a wedding and getting hitched rolled  30 awesome things all into one, so I cut myself some slack.)

In a month I wrap up my 30th year on this earth. In a sense, I feel so much younger than that, and in a way - so much older.  At age 30 you balance on the cusp of clinging on to your youth and moving forward towards true adulthood. I think ultimately I am begging to stay young, and it's toying heavily with my emotions. Because of my obsession in regards to living forever, and my confused state of mind as to what the future holds -  I am attempting to take control over my life. I never accomplished my list of 30 things to do before I turned 30, but I decided I could instead do something even more challenging (for me, at least) and just as exciting.

They say it takes 28 days to form a habit - whether it be good or bad. Smoking cigarettes,  eating healthy - it takes about this amount of time to make something routine in your life. So I've decided I will spend the last 30 days of my 30's working out and turning fitness into a true habit.

I will be honest - working out does not come easy for me as it does for Sydney. I was never an athletic kid despite my parents best efforts. No matter how many sports they attempted to have me join - watching movies, doing something "artsy" or being in band always took precedence. (Nerd alert.) I am still challenged when it comes to getting my booty moving.  I'm easily armed with excuses and a heavy workload doesn't aide in my drive. I am normally drained, unmotivated and emotionally unavailable for exercise by the end of my day.

But the thing is, I actually know what cures all of those tired, cranky and uninspired moments. ACTUALLY EXERCISING! I know that if I get up and go to the gym, take a class, go for a walk or get a Benner Fit circuit in - my life is going to elevate in positivity.

So I'm starting my 30 day challenge TODAY. And I have you all to thank for holding me accountable. I will go on this journey with you and update my status every few days to let everyone know where I am at.  I even encourage you to get me to try new things - I dare you to! Write us!!

So here we go...

Day 1:

Let's start with me being totally honest, shall we? At around 2:30 this afternoon I thought to myself, "You can still back out of these 30 days if you want. Nobody has to know." I was tired, work was...work  and I was feeling, simply, blah. Thank goodness my dear friend Alana (my zen master) at work has decided to join me on this adventure. She had her bags ready to go and was fully prepared for the gym post-work.

At around 6:30 we rolled over to our jam packed 24 Hour Fitness that is literally right across the street. (See how easy this working out should be? Call me the Excuseinator!) Part of my goal with the 30 days is to do new classes, and things that just seem fun - so we decided to take a Zumba class.

Since you have to get there insanely early to reserve a Zumba spot (turns out, people are way amped up the Zumba), we pumped ourselves a bit of iron and did a little bit of ab work before class began. Then - the moment of truth.

So I'm sure you've all heard of Zumba by now. The high energy dance workout program that gets your booty moving and your heart pumping. Well, through Zumba I have discovered something that I have needed to acknowledge for many years, yet refused. I have led a life of denial. I am admitting to you all right here and now... my name is Brooke. And I... cannot dance. Shakira was way wrong when it comes to this girl. These hips totally lie. If you want to see flailing limbs and some crazy uncoordinated moves, come on down to 24 Hour Fitness and check me out.

But really, Zumba is pretty great. I got a decent sweat going and the instructor was super fun to follow, so full of energy. (Talk about motivation - she lost 74 pounds doing Zumba and became a teacher. Amazing.) It's low enough impact so I don't hurt myself... (I say this because one day I will tell  you the tale of a class I took about a week ago that nearly put me on bed rest...but I digress) and it got my blood flowing and my heart rate fluttering.

I left class feeling very calm and relaxed - my body felt delightful. Will I be aching tomorrow? Probably not too badly - but I definitely loved the happy atmosphere and the positive vibes I had walking out of that room.

Proof of my happy:

Day 1
Day 1

Wanna join me on the 30 day challenge? We can do it together! Write in and tell us what you are doing for the next 30 days!