Love for Pilates


A brand new Pilates studio has hit Hollywood!  Check out our reviews!  

Syd's Review -

I am officially 7 hours post my Pilates class with my dear friend,Tia Schroeder, owner of the new Hollywood studio, Love For Pilates, and I am sore.  Whoa!  Super sore.  You guys know I workout all the time.  I'm either teaching, workshopping, choreographing, or taking a new class around the Los Angeles area.  I love it.  All of it.  Pilates is an amazing workout for your core, alignment, flexibility, and overall body health.  It's a workout built on resistance training and it is so effective which is why it has been so expensive all this time.  Tia has opened a beautiful welcoming studio that is bright, positive, and inexpensive so most people now have an opportunity to get on the Pilates train.  She is a detail oriented teacher that watches every student in the room carefully making sure every exercise is catered toward their specific needs.  Brooke and I felt amazing when we left.  If I'm sore now I can't imagine what tomorrow is going to feel like!  Thank you Tia, so much love to you!

Brooke's Review -

I've been embarrassingly out of commission when it comes to working out. No I didn't tear an ACL or anything bad*ss. Instead I sit at a job all day which has thrown my hip flexors way out of whack and left my hammies super tight. I had done one personal Pilates session before but never in a group. Tia is a smartie because after her class I had some serious Love 4 Pilates. It made me stretch, feel lengthened and it really, really worked my stiff little hips. To the point where she asked me to lift my legs into a tabletop and my mind was totally doing it but my legs were definitely not moving. What I liked even more about the class is the intimate vibe. Tia is so very caring and makes sure each class member is in alignment and doing the moves properly. I left the class feeling very refreshed and a few hours later I was maybe a little bit sore. Okay definitely. Definitely sore. Loved it Tia! I'll be back soon!

We feel blissful!  I've already been back and can't wait for more.


Check out loveforpilates.com to sign up!

Autumn in NYC...


I've been to New York in the winter, spring, summer, and this was my first time in the fall…

It was so dreamy...

I'm having post NYC trip disorder. It's true. I have loved New York since I first learned about New York as a wee little one. My childhood dream when I was just a mere ten years old was to be an optometrist during the day and a broadway star at night. I have always been very ambitious! :)

I've been fortunate enough to travel to NYC a few times a year for work and or play. This particular trip was a combination of the two which was ideal. Although, I did not end up becoming an eye doctor or a musical theatre performer I feel like the luckiest lady around that I get to do what I love everyday.

No matter where I travel to fitness is a part of my daily routine. And in New York City the fitness studios and class options seem endless. This particular trip I focused on my yoga practice and found some beautiful spots to do so.

I checked out Strala Yoga which is the wonderful, Tara Stiles, studio located in SOHO and loved the happy spirit of this space. It was light, bright, and welcoming! All the instructors have a positive and approachable presence which is really beautiful to walk into.

Jivamukti is a very traditional yoga studio located right near Union Square. Every instructor here has hours and hours of training and experience so you know you are in dynamic hands. The class I took had a beautiful flow, the transitions were seamless and although we held our poses for an extended length of time I really felt the energy and heard the breathe of all the students in the room which helped to center my focus. After class I ate at a delightful vegan cafe they have in the studio. The food was AMAZING! Even if you're not a yogi but you like to fill your body with healthy foods go to this vegan cafe, I highly suggest it!

mmm mmm good!

I also popped into a group pilates class and a Yogaworks studio which has locations all over the U.S.

When you are on the road and you don't necessarily have the time or income to pop into a class remember that BENNERFIT circuits are always there and available to you! YOU deserve feel your best! Making yourself a priority is not selfish at all but rather a necessity because when we feel our best we do a better job of being that for everyone around us.

I'll see you soon NYC!

Have a beautiful weekend Bennerfitter's!



T-Truly R-Radical X-eXperience

30/30 and my farewell to 30...

30 Day Challenge
30 Day Challenge

Well - it's here.  Day 30 of 30. I present to you... The Finale!

I was welcomed at work... 


Where I received a medal (which I share with my partner in fitness crime, Alana) ...

image (1)
image (1)

I did some important work...


And so did my co-workers... 

image (2)
image (2)

I got to chat with my sister, who I've been missing dearly.  And received some amazingly wonderful gifts! (Yup... that's a donut pan. Just you wait...)

photo (1)
photo (1)

I went to an delicious dinner with the hubs...

Cowboys & Turbans

And completed my grand finale workout... 

photo (3)
photo (3)

And now I write to you... 

photo (2)
photo (2)

Here's the final list of my 30 Day Challenge:

Day 1 - Zumba

Day 2 - Zumba

Day 3 - Spin Class

Day 4 - Treadmill Run/Walk

Day 5 - Fryman Canyon Hike

Day 6 - 2 mile walk

Day 7 - Benner Fit

Day 8 - Pilates DVD and 20 minutes of abs

Day 9 - Spin Class

Day 10 - Spin Class

Day 11 - Spin Class

Day 12 - Hike Fryman Canyon

Day 13 - Benner Fit

Day 14 - Benner Fit

Day 15 - Zumba

Day 16 - Cycling

Day 17 - Zumba

Day 18 - Benner Fit

Day 19 - Body Attack

Day 20 - Hiked the Burbank Hills

Day 21 - Yoga...ish.

Day 22 - Zumba

Day 23 - Cycle

Day 24 - Body Attack

Day 25 - Benner Fit

Day 26 - Benner Fit

Day 27 - Zumba

Day 28 - Basketball

Day 29 - Benner Fit

Day 30 - Benner Fit

And there you have it! I'm officially "in my 30's." Yikes.

Thanks for all of the Benner Fit support! Next challenge... 30 days no sugar.


Let me just finish this cupcake...

Monday Moves: Balancing Stick

Balancing Stick or in yoga terms Tuladandasana! In this Monday Move you're working your hips, booty, and thighs!

Grab your yoga mat and lay it out vertically. Begin with your feet together in a parallel position and arms by your side standing vertically at the back of your yoga mat.


Bring your arms overhead and clasp your hands together but leave your index fingers unclasped. Point your right toes out in front of you, hold in your abdominals tight as you put all your weight into your right foot and lift your left foot off the floor.


Bring your torso forward into a flat back position and bring your left leg up in alignment so you're in a T shape. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Gently come out and repeat on the other side. Do each side three times total.

Note: It's all about the abdominals in this posture in order to keep your balance. Work it Bennerfitters!


Sydney: Friday Top Ten

My ten most favorite things as of late: 1) Currently  I am obsessed with Aziz Ansari, that may even be an understatement.  Brooke and I just did a post on tangerines dipped in Cacao titled "Treat Yo Self!"   Well, after looking through YouTube clips of that Parks and Recreation episode we stumbled upon some outtakes and there is an incredible boot dance that Aziz does during the first thirty seconds of this video it literally makes me belly laugh. I hope it does the same for you too.


2) Yankee candles mmm delish!  I could literally eat the air!

3) A feel good easy breezy song that will surely make you smile is the new Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill song, "Don't Rush." My boyfriend, puppy, and I are listening to it now as I write this!

4) My new accent pillow on my bed that says, "always kiss me goodnight always kiss me goodmorning."  As it should be...

5) My pup Jojo!  He is my hairy angel who sometimes leaves a yellow halo on the carpet, I am so in love with my little guy!  The crazy thing is that I actually used to be afraid of dogs and now I have a pup!   My life is so much fuller because of him...

6) It's finally cooling down in Los Angeles and I am thrilled!  It's about time!  On our first official rainy day of the fall season I decided to make a crock pot dish and boy was it de-lish!  Everyone deserves a crock pot!  Go get yourself one!  Just set it and forget it... Suggestion:  www.hamiltonbeach.com

7) I'm probably Jamba Juice's favorite customer.  I've been going to Jamba pretty much everyday for the past way too many years to get their match green tea blast made thick with immunity!  I'm not a coffee drinker so that green tea really perks me up for the day!

8) My Pilates class at Pilates Plus Los Angeles.  I adore my instructor and I love how this particular Pilates class moves at a faster pace.

9) My grandpa otherwise known as my Gstar.  He is just the absolute best grandpa a girl could ask for and I taught him how to rap.

10) Bond... James Bond.