Autumn in NYC...


I've been to New York in the winter, spring, summer, and this was my first time in the fall…

It was so dreamy...

I'm having post NYC trip disorder. It's true. I have loved New York since I first learned about New York as a wee little one. My childhood dream when I was just a mere ten years old was to be an optometrist during the day and a broadway star at night. I have always been very ambitious! :)

I've been fortunate enough to travel to NYC a few times a year for work and or play. This particular trip was a combination of the two which was ideal. Although, I did not end up becoming an eye doctor or a musical theatre performer I feel like the luckiest lady around that I get to do what I love everyday.

No matter where I travel to fitness is a part of my daily routine. And in New York City the fitness studios and class options seem endless. This particular trip I focused on my yoga practice and found some beautiful spots to do so.

I checked out Strala Yoga which is the wonderful, Tara Stiles, studio located in SOHO and loved the happy spirit of this space. It was light, bright, and welcoming! All the instructors have a positive and approachable presence which is really beautiful to walk into.

Jivamukti is a very traditional yoga studio located right near Union Square. Every instructor here has hours and hours of training and experience so you know you are in dynamic hands. The class I took had a beautiful flow, the transitions were seamless and although we held our poses for an extended length of time I really felt the energy and heard the breathe of all the students in the room which helped to center my focus. After class I ate at a delightful vegan cafe they have in the studio. The food was AMAZING! Even if you're not a yogi but you like to fill your body with healthy foods go to this vegan cafe, I highly suggest it!

mmm mmm good!

I also popped into a group pilates class and a Yogaworks studio which has locations all over the U.S.

When you are on the road and you don't necessarily have the time or income to pop into a class remember that BENNERFIT circuits are always there and available to you! YOU deserve feel your best! Making yourself a priority is not selfish at all but rather a necessity because when we feel our best we do a better job of being that for everyone around us.

I'll see you soon NYC!

Have a beautiful weekend Bennerfitter's!

A "Splendid" Afternoon

A "Splendid" Afternoon

Sara's 30 Day Yoga Challenge Completed!

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

Capris! Capris!

Capris! Capris!

Surfer Girl Style


Deep down I've always wanted to be a surfer. Sun kissed hair, bronzed skin, fit bodies. A day spent in the water sounds like a day well spent to me. Minus the sharks... and... other creatures that could bite off my toes. I've always liked the surfer style - the laid back, beach boho, at peace with the world look epitomizes what I would like my persona to exude. (I wore a hemp shell necklace  90% of the time in college, guys. I tried really hard to be a surfer without having to surf.)

I recently discovered that the big surfing fashion brands have expanded their lines of clothing to fitness apparel.  O'Neill, Roxy and Hurley have yoga/outdoor workout lines for the surfer girl who wants to take it back to the shore and hit the yoga mat. These new finds made me all too excited that I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.


O'Neill Velocity Pants

O'Neill 365 Reflection Jacket

O'Neill 365 Inspire Tank

365 Goal Wrap