Who Wears Short Shorts?

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I wear short shorts!

Capris! Capris!

Capris! Capris!

Skirts and Skorts Galore!


I was in Seattle about two months ago taking class at a Barre 3 studio and I noticed our instructor wearing a skirt over her leggings, I absolutely adored this look! It brought me back to my dance studio days when I used to wear my chiffon ballet skirts or Lycra skorts (a skirt slash short combo) to my ballet and jazz classes. Wearing a skirt to class always made me feel like a ballerina. I realized I should start wearing my skirts over my leggings when I teach my ballet barre classes. So when I got back to Los Angeles I tried it out and it made me feel like a ballerina once again! Since it has been so cold here in LA (I know it sounds crazy but it got to 29 degrees a few days ago) I haven't worn the skort yet but I'm excited to dig deep in my dresser drawers and find some skorts that I used to wear for the spring and summer months.

Athleta has a great skort available online called the Seamless Raja Skort for 59.00. I love the Cobalt Blue color.

Skorts and skirts aren't just worn on the tennis courts you can wear them in your group fitness classes, on hikes, or even put it over a pair of leggings when you go out. Lorna Jane has this Matchpoint Skort for 79.99.

My favorite out of the new skirt slash skort craze is this Stevie Skirt from This is a new site I discovered and I really like their designs! This skirt is on sale for 32.00! I love a great deal!

There are more reasons to wear skirts over your leggings in class too. I know some of my leggings can get a bit see through around the booty area and sometimes we all like to have some coverage. So if you have a comfy pair of leggings that you adore but haven't been able to wear because they show too much put a skirt or a skort on over it and your outfit is complete!

I'm off to put a skirt on so I can feel like a ballerina for the rest of the day! Have a happy day Bennerfitters!


Fall... I think of red, orange, and yellow colored leaves, a cool breeze, pumpkins, and the holidays fast approaching.  Although, Los Angeles is still averaging a whopping 90 degrees!  At least for most of the country we are starting to think about bundling up with light, comfortable sweaters, scarfs, beanies, and cute boots!  Since I am running around town in workout clothes all day I have to come up with creative ways to make my spandex work if I have to run to a lunch meeting in between my classes.

The trick!  LAYERS!  I love layering in the fall and winter months.  With yesterday's post on the fall color palette, I've come up with a few ideas on taking your workout gear into an adorable outfit using the colors of the season.

I love this look that Athleta put together.

If your hair is a mess from your workout pop on a hat!  Besides, hats are a great way to make an outfit look chic. And the sweater is simply gorgeous. Long sweaters such as these are on racks everywhere, not just in the workout apparel stores. If you want to save a bit of cash - head on over to Marshalls or TJ Maxx. They have amazing fall sweaters there for a great deal.

(This sweater is from Lucy. I'm loving the color and whimsical look of this top.)

If the autumn breeze is extra chilling put on a scarf that has a pop of color, like this one from Urban Outfitters:

Pair it all with a cute and comfy pair of fall cowboy boots and your yoga outfit went from spandex to fabulous. Make it easy on yourself and get some adorable and affordable ones from Target!

But don't forget a cozy pair of socks to put on your hard working feet! (And it doesn't hurt that these Abercrombie socks are also super cute.)

So, even though cool weather is coming, don't feel the need to insulate from the inside! Let cozy wool and cotton do the work for you.