Who Wears Short Shorts?

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I wear short shorts!

Benner Fit Love: Gym Bags

I've made it through to the half way mark on the 30 day challenge! Today I woke up super sore (which, to me, I dig) thanks to Benner Fitting and Zumba classing over the past few days. Alana and I have been trying to think of a way to treat ourselves after the 30 days is up. A friend wants us to run a 5K, Alana wants to get a massage, and I... am not so sure. Part of me just wants to keep this thing going and forget that I'm even doing this for an end goal. These past 15 days flew by, I only imagine the final to do so as well, and I don't want to lose that motivation. The thought of reward, however, did get me thinking about things that keep me going when I start to have a downward slump in the workout arena. Every time I start to waiver in that "I don't want to work out" mindset - I find that doing a little bit of Pinterest browsing pulls me back in. (You can follow me: @bcam) There are tons of motivational words of encouragement (Sydney has been posting a bunch on Instagram lately - @sydneybenner) and there are a million pictures of hot bods just floating around to make you feel motivated/completely raging with envy.

I myself find that a little bit of shopping, however, does me some good. "Why buy that sports bra today if I'm not going to use it tomorrow?" Bam! I'll go out for a run. "This head band can only be worn while I exercise." POW! You've got me working out.

I have a simple black duffel bag that comes with me every day to the gym. It does what it needs to do, it's understated, keeps me in order, and is good to me. He's a solid reliable bag. But sometimes... sometimes my mind wanders and I stray and ... well...frankly, I've been cheating on my bag. Just mentally, not physically. Yet. I haven't done anything rash or irresponsible. I've just been thinking... a lot... about cute new bags with different colors and adorable designs and unique perspectives. Dreaming of a duffel that might spice up my life, or a satchel with so many compartments I don't know what to do but buy more things to put in there. I thought I'd put together a few that my wandering eye has been admiring.