Pear Berry Mimosa

Merry Christmas Eve Day to all!! We wanted to make our own healthy-ish holiday cocktail this year and we came up with the Pear Berry Mimosa! It's as easy as 1-2-3! But seriously... there are only three ingredients...


Pear Nectar Juice Prosecco Cranberries... which we found out should only be for decor. Or maybe frozen... so that they are tasty.


Throw cranberries into a festive glass for garnish and decor.

For a sweeter option add: 

1/2 Prosecco 1/2 Pear Nectar Juice

For a drier palette go with: 

3/4 Prosecco 1/4 Pear Nectar Juice

Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade


Summer is in the air, along with the scent of Sydney's birthday and Father's Day. It's a busy weekend so we better start cheers-ing, folks. And I have found the tastiest treat to toast with thanks to Eating Well! Raise those glasses and get prepared for goodness.

Let's go!



3 Cucumbers 1 tablespoon of  Rosemary 1 cup of sparkling water (tonic or club soda will also do, however make it 3/4 of a cup with 1/4 non-fizzy water) 1 cup of  lemon juice 3 tablespoons of agave OPTIONAL: 3/4 cup gin or vodka


Set aside half of a fresh cucumber for garnish.

Peel and chop the remaining cucumber and throw it to a food processor or blender. Add your rosemary and puree away.

Pour the puree through a strainer over a large bowl. Press down on the puree with a spoon and extract all of that vibrant green juice from the mix.

Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade - Benner Fit

Add  sparkling water, agave, and lemon juice to the cucumber rosemary blend. For some extra fun - add in that gin or vodka! Pour over 4 glasses filled with ice and make it fancy with your cucumber and rosemary sprig garnish.

Take your drink out doors, soak up some sun and sip away!


Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade - Benner Fit

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone!

Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade - Benner Fit