A Benner Fit Success Story!

A Benner Fit Success Story!

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Sara's 30 Day Yoga Challenge Completed!

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

Happy Sunday, friends

It's been an exhausting week in the news. We again find ourselves at a loss to even express how we feel for all that has happened. Between the tragedies in Boston, Texas and what has (or hasn't) happened in the Senate - it's  difficult to keep our faith in humanity. I watched an old episode of the West Wing last night where Jimmy Smits gives a speech to a church-going crowd mourning the loss of a teenager who was mistakenly shot by a police officer after drawing a fake gun. To summarize, Smit's said that he spent so much time thinking of who he could blame until he realized spending that time - focusing on the rage - wasn't going to fix anything. Despite how angry and tired we are at the fact that we aren't seeing things change,  blame will only breed more violence. We must focus on the small accomplishments. The tiny wins. And rather than brooding and being angry at the people of the world, focus that time on learning compassion. Because from compassion - we will grow, and from there things will change - things will get better.

So I wanted to send some words of compassion to you all. We are all going through a lot these days, and sometimes it just takes a few words to change our perspective...

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Much love to all of our Benner Fitters....