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A Benner Fit Success Story!

A Benner Fit Success Story!

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Top Ten Favorite Sporty Fit Movies

When I was 8 and filming very ridiculous cooking in-faux-mercials with my sister  (uh.... wait a second... maybe not much has changed!) I decided I wanted to grow up and make movies. This passion continued onward as I went off to film school and moved out to Los Angeles. From there, well, the passion has definitely subsided. The industry isn't exactly my fave, and with my husband making films I've turned to different career paths - like this blog that lets me do everything I care to do all rolled up into one happy website sandwich. But all of this is not to say that I don't love movies. I love me a good movie. And since it is Friday, I've got weekend movies on the brain. So I thought I would break down my top ten favorite movies featuring fitness, sports and all that athletic loveliness.



10. Murderball

Murderball - Top Ten Sporty Fit Movies


Murderball is a documentary about wheelchair bound paraplegic rugby players which will put you through the emotional wringer. The story of these men is so touching, uplifting, funny and motivating that it had to be in my top ten.


9. The Sandlot

The Sandlot - Best Sporty Flicks

The Sandlot is one of those movies that reminds you what it was like to be a kid.


8. Center Stage


Love a good dance movie. Love a good love story. So what's not to love?


7. Bring it On


It's just a ridiculously cheerful good time.


6. Jerry Maguire


Who doesn't want someone to say that you complete them?


5. Save the Last Dance


Ok, so this movie isn't necessarily a piece of cinematic genius - but Sean Patrick Thomas teaching Julia Stiles to dance is still one of the more adorable dancey montages ever.  

4. A League of Their Own


Who doesn't like a bunch of ladies playing baseball? With Tom Hanks to boot!


3. Dirty Dancing

I mean come on... didn't we all have the time of our lives?  

2. Field of Dreams

  This movie holds a big place in my heart. I have fond memories of watching this film as a child and it has always stuck with me. (It also gave me a pretty big fear of choking on a hot dog...)  

1. The Cutting Edge


My parents will not be surprised to see this movie ranked here. When I was an overweight middle schooler, what seems to me was out of nowhere came the dream of becoming a championship ice skater. I'm not sure if it was because of this movie, or if this movie just fed into my obsession - but either way I had delusions of grandieur that I would take ice skating classes in the middle of summer (... in Florida...) and become the greatest skater that ever lived... at the age of 13. Much to everyone's surprise - this did not happen. But what did happen was me watching this movie upwards of 30 times over. I do not kid. And I will watch it if it is on TBS. I will still swoon over the doofie DB Sweeney. And I still get all excited when they kiss at the Olympics! (Spoiler alert) I love this cheesey flick!!


Making this list I realize there are about 20 other sporty movies that probably should have been mentioned, so there might need to be a round 2 of favorite flicks. I hope this one brings back some memories of a few good films you might want to check out over your relaxing weekend.


Brooke's Belated Friday Faves


1. Downton Abbey - I randomly started Season 2 of Downton Abbey last week when all of a sudden TONS of people were tweeting about it. So clearly I assumed they were spying on me. Or I was really on to something by watching it - but no.  I quickly realized I'm a day late and a dollar short and that Season 3 was premiering. So I had some catching up to do. With a sick husband in the house, I had a lot of TV time this week and I plowed through Season 2 in just a few days. Love it. And walking around yelling, "Mr. Bates!" in an English accent never gets old. You can ask my husband! {image via Co.Create}

2. Organizing - Upon my return from our holiday excursion I was feeling trapped in our tiny apartment. I couldn't take the fact that there was no place to store anything anywhere, so I decided to do something about it and a cleaning rampage began! It started in the chaos of my kitchen {see above} and expanded on to the whole apartment. There's many more drawers and cabinets to go but I'm slowly making my way. (And it gives me a good reason to buy organizing baskets and crates.) If you need some motivation - visit iHeart Organizing or High Straightenence on to get your butt into organizing gear.



3. Wallpaper! - I'm excited by the return of wallpaper. Especially with some of these AMAZING prints. Above is Oh Joy's line with Hygge & West who has numerous other gorgeous lines with other designers. Also love the fabulous designs of  Rachel J. Powell {below}. I would accent wall all over the place if I owned a home right now. Can't wait to one day use these amazing designs to decorate.




4. Smoothie Making - I received the personal blender that was on my wishlist for Christmas and now I can't stop smoothie-ing. It's a problem. I'll be bringing some personal recipes to Benner Fit soon, but for an easy fix - my guilty pleasure this week has been Yoplait's chocolate banana smoothie mix. If you add a tablespoon or two of peanut butter you will be in serious smoothie heaven. {image via Target}


5. Dominoes - Not the pizza. The game. You might ask, "What are you, an 80 year old man in a park?" Nope. I'm a 30 year old woman and I'm totally into dominoes. Take that world. Our last night in Florida we had an evening of learning how to play Mexican Train Dominoes with my parents and it was a blast. So we bought our own set and have been into it ever since. {image via e-How, you can learn how to play there!}

Friday Favorites: Beauty Products


1. Coconut Oil - Yeah, I know... it's getting old hearing about all the wonders of coconut oil. But for me the hype stands true. This winter has been sucking all the fun out of my skin and leaving it ultra dry and whenever I lather on the coconut oil my skin is rejuvenated and happy. And now I'm using it on everything - my hair at night, my dry skin, for shaving ...magical oil! This also ranks as my favorite beauty product I can cook with... Mmmhmm.


2. EOS Lip Balm - Riding on the moisturizing train, I just bought my first (and note: uber cheap) EOS lip balm over the Christmas holiday and I'm a big fan. Maybe I bought it because it's a funky shape and comes in fun colors. But the all natural product is working it's magic for my dry chapped lips. They are smooth and silky for hours (so long as I don't lick it all off because it tastes so yummy.)


3. Essie Nail Polish - It's pretty simple, I'm obsessed with the color selection and longevity of this nail polish. I feel like it's the most popular brand out there right now, but who can pass on their wide array of hues, top coats and the quality of the product? I have an embarrassing amount of colors from Essie, but right now I'm loving Mochacino (seen above). It's a great neutral gray, with a hint of lavendar and some sparkle. If you are like me and just minutes after your flawless painting performance eight of your ten fingers are smudged and smeared. (Have you seen that commercial where the woman is craving Lay's chips at the nail salon and dives into a bag and the potatoey crumbles are stuck to her nails? If you haven't ...

That's me. 100%.) Good news, though - there is a texture within the Mochacino Essie polish that makes this stuff stick for days. No peeling, no chipping. It's a miracle polish.



4. Boots No.7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation - With beauty products I'm always sampling and trying new things. But I have found this foundation to be one of the few consistent must-haves in my cosmetic arsenal. I'm a freckle-y girl and my skin can be challenging to match in tone. I find this creamy product to do the trick. Powders tend to dry out my skin and liquids can sometimes vanish without doing anything productive. This product has a thick texture which is unique from anything else I've had the chance to try. And I can get it at Target, so... sold!


5. Burt's Bees Hand Salve - Oh Burt! If I saw you in person, I might dodge your gaze. But boy do you make a good product. This hand salve smells delicious and makes your hands feel oh so good. Save the coconut oil for my legs and hair - I prefer this to take care of my hands.




1) One of my most favorite feelings is getting into the shower every night and cleansing my body. The first thing I do in the shower is squeeze out a dime size of the St. Ives Apricot Exfoliating Scrub. It has been around for years and it's still at the top of my list for favorite facial scrubs. I have sensitive skin so I can get some pretty harsh reactions to skin care and St. Ives has never given me any problems. The best part is you can pick it up at your local Target, CVS, or supermarket. It's a bargain for both your skin and your wallet!


2) Throughout my childhood I spent hours in the dance studio and weekends at dance competitions. I have the best memories competing in the dance world. I can remember being difficult back in the early dance competition days, around age 6, when my mama had to apply my show make up. I must admit I was no angel during our make up sessions (sorry mama)! I could not stand make up until about age fourteen rolled around and I started to care more about my appearance (oh high school). Since age fourteen I have been searching for the perfect mascara. I always feel naked without two things, my mascara and my pearls, I sound like a southern gal saying that but it's true. And it wasn't until one week ago that my boyfriend's amazing Aunt Elaine, Uncle Garry, and Cousin Cara gifted me the absolute PERFECT mascara! I could just scream with excitement because I just adore my mascara so much. Go to Lancôme now and buy yourself their, Hypnose Star Mascara!

3) My mama and I have a similar dry hair texture so both of us are on the hunt for great conditioning hair products. My amazing mama found one and gifted it to me this Hanukkah. It's called "It's a 10, miracle leave-in product." It certainly is a hair conditioning miracle and I could not be more excited to have it for my hair.

4) As soon as I hop out of my daily showers I moisturize my skin. I know most of us cannot stand flakey dry skin so lotion is imperative. I have always loved Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion because it is not heavy but it's so nourishing. This is another product you can find at your local drug store.

5) Y'all I found the best shaving creme. You can use it whether your wet or dry and it works the same in either circumstance. It's called "eos-evolution of smooth" and it rocks my hairs off! Not only does it feel good on my skin but it also moisturizes it. You can find "eos" at Target.