Benner Fit Beauty Tip: Flowers In Your Hair

You're at the gym, hair is in your face. The hair it seems is all over the place! It's time to get it up out of there. So why not add a flower in your hair? Okay seriously, I didn't mean to turn this into any sort of Dr. Seuss situation. I don't know what came over me. We like to spice it up with our headwear, even when we are at the gym. Hair ties, pins, headbands - you name it! Give your noggin a little love with some fun accessories! And might we suggest - put a flower on it!

Flowers In Your Hair | Benner Fit
Flowers In Your Hair | Benner Fit

Floral Pattern Headband (upper left): American Apparel Flower bobby pin (upper right): The great state of Hawaii :) Flower hair tie (lower left): H&M Flower head band (lower right): Free People

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth!

Fun and easy ways to style your hair during a workout!

Sweat Protection = HEADBANDS!

Think about when you are in the midst of a tough workout and sweat is dripping down your face... Now think about how great it would be avoid that...

Sweating is great BUT it's not so great when it drips into your eyes so...throw a headband on that noggin y'all!