Our uLive Show Launch!


Well! It has been a bit crazy bananas over here in Benner Fit land in the very best of ways. Sydney and I have been working hard over the last few weeks on her latest fitness venture FLIGHT and it premiered this weekend! We couldn't have been happier with the way it went down and are so very grateful for all of you who were able to make it out for the big day. And for all of you who have been supportive of what we are doing - THANK YOU! We heart you big time. More of that to be blogged about soon enough.

Amidst the madness of prepping for Flight a few other AMAZING things happened. Like the fact that our first ever web show with the Scripps Network site uLive launched! Um... holy moly.  About a year ago Sydney and I starting going through ideas for a show that would be featured on uLive, and ultimately it turned into a summertime fun-time extravaganza. We are so happy with how it turned out. The amazing folks over at Watch It Now did fantastic job with the day of shoot and editing. The whole crew was wonderful and the shoot was a blast!

We made a little video about our excitement of the show launch:



We took a little breather after the Flight class Saturday, so we don't have a new circuit for you this week - but check out all of the BennerFit fun over on uLive to hold you over until next Monday - ulive.com/bennerfit.



Must Haves

POPSUGAR provided us with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.


We recently became a part of the PopSugar Select fitness bloggers. If you don't know what PopSugar is yet I just have to say check them out. It's an endless weaving forum of sites ranging from fitness, to food, to pop culture.  They didn't tell me to say that or anything - it's just straight up, legitimately an awesome site which is why we paired up with them. They couldn't just knock it out of the park in the blog/web world, that wasn't enough amazing. So they also came up with a super fun and fantastic subscription service.

Let's take a moment to pause and talk about my love for subscription services. For my birthday this year my sister got me a subscription to Birchbox, which got me hooked. This is when I learned getting things in the mail that aren't bills or junk is a delight. Especially if they are fun grown up things to play with - like make up and clothes. It's a good thing I'm on a tight budget over here or else I would be subscription service junkie. Instead I mostly admire them from afar, window shopping what my mailbox could potentially be full of.

PopSugar was so kind to send us a peek into their monthly subscription service known as their Must Have Box.  These will run you about $40 a month which seems a bit steep, however you get your money's worth.

PopSugar Must Haves | Benner Fit
PopSugar Must Haves | Benner Fit

When I opened up the box the first thing I saw was Emily Giffin's new book, The One and Only. I had been eyeing it on Amazon for the last month and got a little giddy when I saw a fresh hardcover in the box. (Also, hardcover books. It's been a while. I almost forgot how magical you are to hold and smell.) I'm so happy to have a summer read on hand. I cracked it open just this evening and read the first few pages. Can't wait to dive in further.

A gorgeous Turkish towel came tightly rolled up next to book - a perfect beachy compliment. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with a Turkish towel. It's way too pretty to dry anything off with. The only source of moisture that I could come up with that this towel is worthy of absorbing is a little Ryan Gosling schvitz. But please, I'm open to other suggestions - feel free to comment below.

As I dug deeper into the box I discovered a silky citrusy lotion by Sachajuan and three adorable hair ties by Lollie's Basics (the material is made of swimsuit wear so they won't get stretched out and will dry easily if you take them for a dip, I imagine.)

PopSugar Must Haves | Benner Fit
PopSugar Must Haves | Benner Fit

The winner of best packaging in the box goes to You Smell. I mean, look at this box. (You can also read the top text which mentions unicorns and other things I adore on our Instagram feed.) Love the font, love the colors - all of this wonderful design for lemon flavored handy wipes. Creative packaging rocks my socks off.

You Smell - Pop Sugar Must Have | Benner Fit
You Smell - Pop Sugar Must Have | Benner Fit

To top off the box was a gift card to Native Union, which for a nerdy girl like me was a treat. They sell gorgeous iPhone cases and also classic phone handsets that connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth for extra ridiculous communication. I kind of want to walk down the street talking on one of these.

And finally, hidden in a protective sleeve were potato chips. Let's be real. I dug into those chips ASAP. They were BBQ. They were delish. They were gone in two minutes. I didn't have time to check if they were healthy. I'm sure they were. Totally healthy.

For a few more days you can get $10 off a free subscription with the offer code JUNESELECT10.

10 Things I Wish I Knew at 22

Guest blogger and friend Alana Krigger wrote our very first post for our Wellness section!  So happy to have her share her wisdom with us today.   

10 Things I Wish I Knew at 22 by Alana Krigger | Benner Fit


As I approached the big 3-0, I reflected on my life and how I ended up being the person I am today. Heck, I contemplate life on the reg, but 30 seemed like a milestone and a great excuse to write something of substance. While I have no regrets and am happy with who I am, here’s what I wish someone would’ve told me 8 years ago. Would I have listened? Who knows! But perhaps this will help open someone else’s eyes.


1. Earn it.

I feel that Generation X experienced college and were perhaps led to believe that they could land their dream jobs immediately after. While that may be true for some, what about the others who do not always find their paths right away?

There’s definitely an expectation I had after graduating from college. I expected 'x’ amount of dollars, a certain level of satisfaction with my job, and rapid upward mobility. I learned this may not always be the case. You have to establish your worth and take on the crappy jobs with the vision that this will all lead to something better. Plant the seeds of hard work and dedication – they’ll harvest and pay off later.


2. Suck it up.

Don’t complain. Okay, vent when you need to, but keep it to a minimum. There is only so much energy you have and wasting it by complaining only takes you away from the present moment, which is truly all we have. You are in control of your attitude, and often your attitude will affect outcomes. If a life situation knocks you down, stand tall and be RESILIENT. Further, don’t allow negative people to drain your energy either.


3. Stop chasing love.

Yeah, yeah, yeah this is a tough one considering the majority of us are motivated by love. Love is after all the core of our existence...the highest frequency. It’s hard because not everyone wants to face life alone and it’s more common than not to enter a relationship to seek someone else to fill a void. Focusing on yourself and finding what makes YOU happy first only leads to finding someone who is on a similar path. Then comes the fireworks and a special someone to share the WOW with. You deserve someone who compliments your life as opposed to complicating it. It’ll come. Whether you are 30 or 70, there will always be opportunities for love.


4. Karma is real!

One of the truest statements to live by is to treat others as you wish to be treated. It is told to us over and over again. Our greatest gift is the power to help others. When you help another, there is no doubt that the favor will be returned to you. Perhaps it won’t be by that particular person, but from someone else. Kindness is right up there too – check your ego and express acts of kindness without a hidden agenda and the fear of what others will think of you. And don’t play games with people, especially in affairs of the heart. Because that ish comes back. Hard.

Sure, situations in life are presented to us, which we may never understand the meaning of. When that happens, there is a lesson, however tough, that must be learned. But that is another blog.


5. Family ties are important.

As life gets busier, we can take family (or the people we have chosen as family) for granted the most because we feel they will always be there. Make the time and cherish them. Additionally, understanding your family is one of the best ways to truly learn about yourself and what makes you who you are. As products of our environments, our upbringing greatly affects us in our adulthood whether we like it or not.


6. Organic relationships matter.

Life is too entirely too short and precious for inauthentic relationships. Spend your time with people on a similar vibe that accept you for who you are. When you find these people, hang onto them and appreciate them. It’s these relationships that can help you the most in life.


7. You’re not all that.

Perhaps one of the biggest ego checks was when a former co-worker told me, “You’re not all that.” I only vaguely remember the context and was probably acting like a know-it-all over some project at work. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t going to matter ten years from now. Since then, it has stuck. It seems that we like to believe that we are meant to be something greater than we actually are. When at the end of the day, we are only human. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves and feel like we are not good enough when we are not where we think we should be. You are exactly where you need to be right now.


8. Live abroad. Learn a language.

Experiencing other cultures is huge- it teaches compassion, tolerance, oneness... Let’s be real here, most of us Americans choose to live in a stereotypical bubble. Finding a way to live in another country, especially in your 20’s can prove transformational beyond words. Bonus points for learning another language!


9. Get involved in your community.

Give a bit of your heart and volunteer. Participate in a team sport. Start an Adventure Club with friends and select an activity to do together once a month (thanks to Brooke!).


10. Slow down.

This was perhaps the toughest one for me, perhaps that’s why it’s last and I’ve been sitting on it for a couple of days now. In fact, I don’t even remember why I wrote it down in the first place. #slowdownforwhat

I guess it’s because we live in a world that is constantly “Go, go, go!” Taking a timeout can be viewed as a sign of weakness, when in fact it’s just the opposite. Sometimes it’s okay to settle for a slow down, especially after a major life event or to reassess our course and check in with ourselves. This can apply to various aspects of our lives, such as jumping from one relationship to the next due to a fear of being alone...when all you really need is you.