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DC Part 2!


Can you tell I'm in love with DC?! I believe I left off on Monday evening...

Ian and I went out with some of our coworkers for dinner at a restaurant called Founding Farmer's (love the It's made up of 42,000 farmers that provide organic foods for the restaurant. How can one not support a business so fabulous? But ladies and gents the The flavors they created in such healthy dishes were mind blowing! I could have kept eating if my stomach allowed it. I got a white bean cutlet stew and Ian got a vegetarian "meatloaf."


After a full and happy dinner we slept in the next morning ready to take on the day. Ian had to leave for work but I ventured into the Georgetown neighborhood and fell in love with it. The uneven cobblestone streets, the quaint Cafe's, and a great yoga class filled my freezing body (20 degrees outside) full of joy!



I popped into Lululemon in Gerogetown to ask them what fitness or yoga studios are around the area and they provided me with a great suggestion a yoga studio called Down Dog Yoga ( It was a hot and full vinyasa flow class that warmed me up and pumped up my heart rate. The instructors name was, Meg, and she did a fabulous job leading the class through a beautiful flow.


That night Ian and I dined at a local and delicious Indian Restaurant called Mehak ( To all you vegetarian and vegans out there Indian food is a great option for good, filling, and healthy dishes. We had a romantic dinner and I wanted to cherish my last night in DC so we went out for a walk through the freezing cold yet gorgeous streets of DC...

My last morning in DC could not have been anymore perfect. It all began with a jog from downtown, to the national mall, to the capital, to the Washington monument, to the White House, and back. 5 miles later I could have kept going because I was just in awe of all the history I was stepping on and seeing.


Ian and I worked up a serious appetite so we decided to stop and grab some breakfast before I had to leave for Baltimore. There is a breakfast spot called Protein Bar ( that is only in Chicago and DC that a college friend of mine suggested. Boy was it delicious! Quinoa breakfast bowls with agave syrup, almonds, and fresh berries...a green tea smoothie with almond milk, egg whites, and fresh green tea...incredible! We ended my DC trip with a bang!


I'm in Baltimore now, working, and pretending I'm still in our nations capital. I couldn't have asked for a better 2 1/2 days! So thankful for our country and for each day of health I have here!

I hope this inspires you to travel and to know that wherever you go, you are able to find healthy foods, fitness studios or the outdoors, and amazing sites. Maybe instead of cabbing it somewhere in metropolitan cities, walk it or jog it so you get to experience the energy, the people, and actually touch the sites.


Skirts and Skorts Galore!


I was in Seattle about two months ago taking class at a Barre 3 studio and I noticed our instructor wearing a skirt over her leggings, I absolutely adored this look! It brought me back to my dance studio days when I used to wear my chiffon ballet skirts or Lycra skorts (a skirt slash short combo) to my ballet and jazz classes. Wearing a skirt to class always made me feel like a ballerina. I realized I should start wearing my skirts over my leggings when I teach my ballet barre classes. So when I got back to Los Angeles I tried it out and it made me feel like a ballerina once again! Since it has been so cold here in LA (I know it sounds crazy but it got to 29 degrees a few days ago) I haven't worn the skort yet but I'm excited to dig deep in my dresser drawers and find some skorts that I used to wear for the spring and summer months.

Athleta has a great skort available online called the Seamless Raja Skort for 59.00. I love the Cobalt Blue color.

Skorts and skirts aren't just worn on the tennis courts you can wear them in your group fitness classes, on hikes, or even put it over a pair of leggings when you go out. Lorna Jane has this Matchpoint Skort for 79.99.

My favorite out of the new skirt slash skort craze is this Stevie Skirt from This is a new site I discovered and I really like their designs! This skirt is on sale for 32.00! I love a great deal!

There are more reasons to wear skirts over your leggings in class too. I know some of my leggings can get a bit see through around the booty area and sometimes we all like to have some coverage. So if you have a comfy pair of leggings that you adore but haven't been able to wear because they show too much put a skirt or a skort on over it and your outfit is complete!

I'm off to put a skirt on so I can feel like a ballerina for the rest of the day! Have a happy day Bennerfitters!

Kale! It's SO hot right now!


Almost six years ago I was introduced to "kale." I was sitting down on break from a dance rehearsal and my friend, Camille took out a container full of greens. They were no ordinary leafy greens, they had ruffled edges and sparked my interest so clearly I had to ask her, "what kind of salad is that?" I tried her delicious kale, cranberry, and pine nut salad and there began my LOVE for kale.


Baby It's Cold Outside... and I Need a Scarf!

Without a warm knit scarf I feel naked!  It's silly but true!   Scaves are a perfect item  to layer over your workout gear when walking into your local gym or even better after a Benner Fit circuit when you have to run your errands.  The best thing about scarves is that there are so many different fabrics, sizes, colors, and ways to be creative with items you might already have in your closest. I love knits. Big, chunky, knit scarves are at the top of my Hanukkah list this year!  Free People is totally up my alley with all of their styles they have out this winter.  They have these knit infinity scarves that look so perfect over any workout outfit!  And fringe is back y'all!  Everything from boots, pants, shirts, and of course SCARVES!  I'm loving the bohemian look.  Below  are three different looks that you can find at Free People.  Be it fringe or Aztec print, Free People has got you covered this holiday season.

For those of you braving the "real" winter weather you need the ultra cushiony, thick, and insulated scarves!  Well, I found just the one for you.  Lululemon is featuring their "What the Fluff Scarf."  There is even a pocket for your cell phone, keys, or wallet!  When you're going in to workout its nice not having to bring a purse along.

My student Dahlia (who is such a gem) came into the studio a few weeks ago looking absolutely fabulous  with a gorgeous white and pink floral scarf tossed around her neck.  I love a pop of color and boy was this exquisite!  I of course asked her where she got her scarf and she answered, "this is just a bathing suit sarong that I use as a scarf in the winter!" I could NOT believe it!  What a clever lady. So look in the back of your bathing suit drawer and pull out those sarongs this winter!  I love multi functional pieces.

Grab your knits (or even a sarong) and warm up that body with a super chic and fun look! Scarf it up!