Top Ten Favorite Sporty Fit Movies

When I was 8 and filming very ridiculous cooking in-faux-mercials with my sister  (uh.... wait a second... maybe not much has changed!) I decided I wanted to grow up and make movies. This passion continued onward as I went off to film school and moved out to Los Angeles. From there, well, the passion has definitely subsided. The industry isn't exactly my fave, and with my husband making films I've turned to different career paths - like this blog that lets me do everything I care to do all rolled up into one happy website sandwich. But all of this is not to say that I don't love movies. I love me a good movie. And since it is Friday, I've got weekend movies on the brain. So I thought I would break down my top ten favorite movies featuring fitness, sports and all that athletic loveliness.



10. Murderball

Murderball - Top Ten Sporty Fit Movies


Murderball is a documentary about wheelchair bound paraplegic rugby players which will put you through the emotional wringer. The story of these men is so touching, uplifting, funny and motivating that it had to be in my top ten.


9. The Sandlot

The Sandlot - Best Sporty Flicks

The Sandlot is one of those movies that reminds you what it was like to be a kid.


8. Center Stage


Love a good dance movie. Love a good love story. So what's not to love?


7. Bring it On


It's just a ridiculously cheerful good time.


6. Jerry Maguire


Who doesn't want someone to say that you complete them?


5. Save the Last Dance


Ok, so this movie isn't necessarily a piece of cinematic genius - but Sean Patrick Thomas teaching Julia Stiles to dance is still one of the more adorable dancey montages ever.  

4. A League of Their Own


Who doesn't like a bunch of ladies playing baseball? With Tom Hanks to boot!


3. Dirty Dancing

I mean come on... didn't we all have the time of our lives?  

2. Field of Dreams

  This movie holds a big place in my heart. I have fond memories of watching this film as a child and it has always stuck with me. (It also gave me a pretty big fear of choking on a hot dog...)  

1. The Cutting Edge


My parents will not be surprised to see this movie ranked here. When I was an overweight middle schooler, what seems to me was out of nowhere came the dream of becoming a championship ice skater. I'm not sure if it was because of this movie, or if this movie just fed into my obsession - but either way I had delusions of grandieur that I would take ice skating classes in the middle of summer (... in Florida...) and become the greatest skater that ever lived... at the age of 13. Much to everyone's surprise - this did not happen. But what did happen was me watching this movie upwards of 30 times over. I do not kid. And I will watch it if it is on TBS. I will still swoon over the doofie DB Sweeney. And I still get all excited when they kiss at the Olympics! (Spoiler alert) I love this cheesey flick!!


Making this list I realize there are about 20 other sporty movies that probably should have been mentioned, so there might need to be a round 2 of favorite flicks. I hope this one brings back some memories of a few good films you might want to check out over your relaxing weekend.