Top Tens With Sydney

1) I'm in Seattle for work this week and I'm enjoying it but anytime I'm out of town for work I love room service. More like, I'm obsessed with room service. A twenty dollar salad may seem crazy and it most certainly is but the feeling of putting on your comfy pj's and having food delivered to your door on a lovely tray is genius! 2) My mama. She is an angel and the strongest woman I will ever know.

3) Since I'm in Seattle this week I am finding all sorts of studios with fantastic classes that are making my body feel oh so good! I went to a Barre 3 class in Capital Hill on Wednesday morning and enjoyed it. It is a beautiful studio and I feel like anyone could jump into a class. If you are local to Seattle or ever visiting, try a class!


4) After my Barre 3 class on Wednesday I asked some locals on the street where I might find a healthy smoothie shop and they most certainly veered me in the right direction when I found Healeo. Aside from Sun Cafe's smoothies back in LA, Healeo's are the best I've ever had.

5) Thursday morning I woke up and my boyfriend, a friend of ours, and myself walked to Pike Place Market looking at all the beautiful and local produce before I hopped into a "High Def" yoga class at Urban Yoga Spa. It was a flow hot yoga class with a cardio spin. I personally loved it but I am a fan of those crazy classes!



6) My flannel pajamas! It's getting chilly and I love being cozy.

7) Laughter. It brings so much happiness and joy!

8) I get so gosh darn giddy about the Thanksgiving holiday I can barely contain myself. It was my father's favorite holiday and because of that it has become one of mine. Since he is no longer here with us it means the world to me when my whole family gets together at my mama's house to celebrate family and all that we are thankful for.

9) My new lululemon workout pants that have a skirt attached. I love all things girly and these fit right into my wardrobe.

10) My co blogger and good friend Brooke. I feel so lucky to be working with such a dynamic person.